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Description: Fictional snapshots of the lives of iconic residents in a nondescript American town. This blog...
Jerry Wigsham, a fellow who was just hired by Skunkville Enterprizes a few weeks ago to strengthen opinion about and attraction to the many Skunkville Saga products and services now offered, which...
Posted Oct-12 by WaltBrown44
Description: Discussions of non Biblical doctrines and excavations of Bible places and lands.
Not all people in Roseburg are welcoming the 'occupant' of our White House in his visit locally after the mass killings in a gun free zone. Of course like all tyrants he is advocating an unarmed...
Posted Oct-10 by zechar1
Description: Angie's Place Home Page on Google
Latest entry: A Pilgrimage
Since returning from our vacation in July in Nova Scotia, I have had roller skates on and have hardly had a chance to sit still. The genealogy committee began transcribing the marriage register...
Posted Oct-4 by Angie (AGWILDERMAN)
Description: Pictures from BC's beautiful south coast.
Latest entry: Surprise!
In trying to catch that elusive grasshopper, I snagged this accidentally. It's mostly likely a thread-waisted wasp Ammophila procera
Description: Online Journal
Posted Sep-26 by Gary (GARY479)
Description: If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples.  Then you will know the truth, and...
Latest entry: A Word of Exhortation
Is knowing about Christ the same as knowing Christ? What if one knows about the wrong Christ? Can they truly know the real Christ when they only know about a false Christ? Believe the Sign (BTS),...
Posted Sep-22 by JohnK63
Description: Self defense is important to everyone and knowing how to protect yourself, your family, and...
Latest entry: Discussion Listing
Carrying Weapons — Rifle slings ( 1586 ) Gun Laws & Courts — NC new concealed carry law proposed? Your choice of weapons — Tracer ammunition Dealing With Crime — Using cover and concealment...
Posted Sep-22 by EdGlaze
Description: This blog is part of the the Mosaic Portal Network. The site map of the Mosaic Portal web network...
Politics in government is not that far divorced from politics in business, community and life. So as you read this article consider that within a month of its posting, the Prime Minister of...
Posted Sep-15 by KEVINRBECK
After a drought of over a year I've actually posted 2 YouTube videos in 2 days.
Posted Sep-5 by Marlin (LINLEE)
Description: Love baseball.... but sick of the 3+ hour games  and all the pampered $10+ MILLION/YEAR...
1906 EOBHR REPLAY #38: DAY 13 OF 16 N.L. 1906 Phila. Phillies (9-4/T1st w/Cubs) 6-10-1 1906 Boston Beaneaters (3-10/last in both leagues) 0-3-3 Yes, analysis would probably show that only rarely if...
Posted Sep-3 by Nerdley
Description: Tweet !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],p=/^http:/.test(d.location)?'http...
This is so good for stitch patterns !!!!!! Check it out!!!!!!!
Posted Aug-21 by Ellen (elleng4044)
Latest entry: My Musical Skills
Hello everyone, I've found some rare free time this busy month to post a new topic!!! I would like to share my musical ability. I've been playing Trumpet since I was in 5th Grade when I was 11 yrs...
Posted Aug-17 by Glyn (CrazyAspie)
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