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Description: A mind trip unlike any other.  The wild adventures of iconic residents in a...
Walt and Edna have been watching the fascinating testicle pattern on their 1952 Philco Futura TV ever since the county doctor -- or the man who SAID he was same -- said he would leave them alone if...
Posted Mar-29 by WaltBrown44
Description: Serving irreverent virgins and margarita tea since 2002. Or was that virgin tea and irreverent...
Latest entry: Streak
Posted Mar-29 by Fortunalee
Description: "Thank you for sending me a copy of your book;    I'll waste no time reading it." Moses...
What on earth is going on over there?
Posted Mar-29 by Malcolm (Malj1)
Description: Angie's Place Home Page on Google
This has been a busy month but This weekend was great. Friday we celebrated Lukas' fifth birthday with the family. It was a long day with Tyler here all day but it was fun watching him, Alyssa,...
Posted Mar-28 by Angie (AGWILDERMAN)
Description: Love baseball.... but sick of the 3+ hour games  and all the pampered $10+ MILLION/YEAR...
1906:EOBHR #38:A.L. DAY 5 33 PA (2-3/7th) 3-8-0-3-0 CW (3-2/T2nd) 4-10-0-9-1 in 11 The A's take a 1-0 Lead T1st as Topsy Hartsel greets the eventual Clown Prince of Baseball , Nick Altrock , by...
Posted Mar-27 by Nerdley
Description: Tweet !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],p=/^http:/.test(d.location)?'http...
Latest entry: Texas flower link
Texas flower pictures......
Posted Mar-27 by Ellen (elleng4044)
Description: Working with Horses, Training, driving, Riding, and the fun we have with our farm animals.
Latest entry: another year gone by
wow here we are into 2015 already. so much has happened, we had a rough cold winter. spring is trying to arrive, the horses have done well thru all this cold and first time in years that they have...
Posted Mar-26 by CERAMICGIRL
Description: This Integrative Health blog will focus on teaching, learning and playing with our children....
This is a Link in case you missed it with the article....such a disclosure and wonder if there will ever be a change in their drugging and labeling protocols....the codes are bad enough as they...
Posted Mar-22 by Jerry (VAJARA)
Description: Discussions of non Biblical doctrines and excavations of Bible places and lands.
Latest entry: Obama has lost it
Obama has lost all sanity Our illegal, insane and tyrannical make believe president continues to attempt to destroy our culture and nation history. US Removes Iran, Hezbollah from National...
Posted Mar-19 by zechar1
Description: I have been fortunate.  
I really understand now how a passion can change a person's life. Since starting with Young Living as an Independent Distributor I have had the opportunity to help several people with various...
Posted Mar-19 by Pepper (PepperM)
Description: Online Journal
Finding a lot of spam you want to can or cannot get off mailing lists? First thing is not to 'unsubscribe' except from the larger reputable companies (preferably in your privacy settings account...
Posted Mar-16 by Gary (GARY479)
I want to let all writers know about Writers Helping Writers. Their books are awesome! I just purchased Emotion Amplifiers. I am more than pleased. Check out their website:
Posted Mar-15 by Moondove (moondove07)
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