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Description: The later lives of iconic residents in a nondescript American town. This blog novel currently has...
Walt, pacing the floor, back & forth, back & forth, then stopping abruptly to study their longtime Comfy C-ouch! (Comfy, that is, until one of the springs decides to give up the ghost -- or...
Posted Aug-25 by WaltBrown44
Description: I have been fortunate.  
Have you ever contemplated the path you are taking and realized you have no clue where you really want it to lead? Well, that is where I am right now. In the world of possibilities that are only...
Posted Aug-25 by Pepper (PepperM)
Description: Working with Horses, Training, driving, Riding, and the fun we have with our farm animals.
Latest entry: update on farm
a lot of changes on the farm this summer. my eldest son and his GF have been updating the barn and making it more modern and weather proofed. mean time I have been dealing with health issues ,...
Posted Aug-19 by CERAMICGIRL
Description:  What story or script is your life illustrating?  Most of your life is lived unconsciou...
How To Know What Needs To Be Changed As I said in an earlier post, this is a very difficult question for most of us, and often it seems very obvious to others. In truth, it usually is the case that...
Posted Aug-14 by CoachDonSul
Description: Discussions of non Biblical doctrines and excavations of Bible places and lands.
Latest entry: obumble's 'new speak'
More Obama Doublespeak on Iran Gingrich Productions August 5, 2016 Newt Gingrich To receive Newt’s weekly newsletters, click here . The Obama administration has instructed us that Obamacare’s tax...
Posted Aug-7 by zechar1
Description: Pictures from BC's beautiful south coast.
I never could get all my ducks in a row but I am having better luck with geese!
Posted Aug-1 by Kid (Kidmagnet)
Description: Self defense is important to everyone and knowing how to protect yourself, your family, and...
Latest entry: Discussion Listing
Attitude — Time management ( 1721 ) Dealing with crime — Mass shooting in Orlando Gun Control Debate — Is an armed America safe? Gun Control Debate — Retailers pulling some weapons Guns Use &...
Posted Jul-29 by EdGlaze
Description: I THINK IT, I WRITE IT
"Listen to this..." Marvin was a squatter like me and a bunch of other people. Most times, money was out of our reach. But I got on street teams for new artists, and I was a part-time messenger. I...
Description: Motorcycles, M/Cs, Life on two wheels
Latest entry: Gun Control, 2016
Concerning the recently defeated "gun control" bills that were considered by the Senate, let's examine the ramifications of these to understand why they were rejected. First is Sen. Feinstein's...
Posted Jun-21 by Luger (DHagedorn)
BROS IN HOSE Chapter 34 Synopsis of chapter: Don, Gina and the kids awaken early on Saturday morning expecting a full day of public hose wearing as they all visit Briar Oaks Country Club as the...
Posted Jun-6 by Don R. (DRAYTX)
Description: This blog is part of the the Mosaic Portal Network. The site map of the Mosaic Portal web network...
This article is dedicated to all the silent people who have been made redundant by their boss. The decline in the quality of ethical management, the extent of incompetence and mismanagement is...
Posted Jun-4 by KEVINRBECK
Description: If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples.  Then you will know the truth, and...
Latest entry: Murdered Gorilla
The headline on Drudge this morning: MURDERED GORILLA SEEN 'PROTECTING' CHILD This one headline demonstrates several things that are wrong with so much in American culture and our worldview: 1) A...
Posted May-31 by JohnK63
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