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Description: The later lives of iconic residents in a nondescript American town. This blog novel currently has...
Walt, naturally beginning to hyperventilate at the intrusion and the thundering voice booming & dshaking his thin downstairs bathroom door.... His hands shaking so violently that it takes him...
Posted 5:20 PM by WaltBrown44
Description: Pictures from BC's beautiful south coast.
Blackberries in abundance! Everywhere I've been the last week or so this is what I see. Crazy amounts of blackberry bushes and they are loaded up with blooms! We went out for lunch today and I...
Posted May-22 by Kidmagnet
Description: This Integrative Health blog will focus on teaching, learning and playing with our children....
Latest entry: Read my articles Here
Vest, G. (2015) linked with over 140 articles posted on The New Civilization Network . Visit my Articles and share your experience: http://www.newciv...
Posted May-14 by Jerry (VAJARA)
.Ok. The Donald is going to fix our debt. First Try : We'll just default on our debt. OMG what a stupid, idiotic thing to say. Bankers and Investors are going crazy. Better back off of that Donald....
Posted May-10 by Deb17611
Description: This blog is part of the the Mosaic Portal Network. The site map of the Mosaic Portal web network...
Latest entry: Slavery
A $32 billion annual industry, modern day trafficking is a type of slavery that involves the transport or trade of people for the purpose of work. According to the U.N., about 2.5 million people...
Posted May-9 by KEVINRBECK
Description: Online Journal
This is a ginormous collection of iOS9 tips, tweaks, and tricks, I am going to read this twice and do a bit of practice. One is to save the whole thing as a pdf to iBooks!
Posted May-4 by Gary (GARY479)
Description: Self defense is important to everyone and knowing how to protect yourself, your family, and...
Latest entry: Discussion Listing
Training — Total immersion firearms training ( 1691 ) Off Topic — They're Coming For Your Democracy Interesting Stuff — SWICO auctions in Texas Books & References — BOOK — Principles of...
Posted Apr-30 by EdGlaze
Description: Angie's Place Home Page on Google
We had a genealogy roundtable meeting today. I went in early so that I could do some checking on what we have in the library for the Chalkley family. There isn't much. I had worked some on the...
Posted Apr-23 by Angie (AGWILDERMAN)
Description: Tweet !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],p=/^http:/.test(d.location)?'http...
Latest entry: Found this today
Sharing this blog with you because this could be a fun "no brainer" project that is really useful. Have a good Sunday........
Description: Working with Horses, Training, driving, Riding, and the fun we have with our farm animals.
Latest entry: Hello delphi world
Just checking in, so no one thinks this has been abandoned. spring is here, even though we have fresh snow on the ground and lots of ice. horses are doing fine, wings on a prayer dairy farm is...
Posted Apr-3 by CERAMICGIRL
Description: Discussions of non Biblical doctrines and excavations of Bible places and lands.
When the KKK came out and claimed to support Trump he rejected them. The propaganda media claimed that he did not in spite of many statements to disavow. Now we see lying Ted's super PAC posting...
Posted Mar-24 by zechar1
Latest entry: Temporary hiatus
This blog remains on temporary hiatus until Delphi develops a good tie-in to an outside blog (discussed and promised in the Zeta Beta forum over a year ago) or does fixes to this one (past...
Posted Mar-15 by Glen (GEAATL)
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