Premium Feature Comparison

Any member can create and host one or more forums. DelphiPlus members can create Premium Forums, which include Delphi's most powerful online community management tools. Other members can create Starter Forums, which are great for beginner hosts or small groups that don't need any advanced features. Here's how the two compare:

What you getStarter
Review messages before they appearx x
Filter out unacceptable languagex x
Link to related forums x x
Gag members x x
Ban members x x
Put members on probation x x
Inclusion in Delphi-wide forum listingsx x
Enhanced forum listingx
Restrict forum membershipx
Restrict access to some content x
Create polls x
Link to a forum Web pagex
Message & discussion ratings x
Advanced message managementx
Advanced Active Content x
Forum chat roomx
Custom fonts and colorsx
Detailed usage reports x
Delphi-wide forum promotionx
Give administrative privileges to trusted membersx
VIP support via emailx
Messages and attachments retained beyond one yearx