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  • Chimes In Exile

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    A forum primarily for discussing Australian publicly listed companies and related investment topics 
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  • the newbie in investment

    Hosted by rodzlaus

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  • BUSINESS LOANS $200,000+ available

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    Accounts receivable financing:buying your contracts and notes;Leasing equipment,vehicles,computers,sale/leaseback. Real Estate loans $200,000+ available: buying trust deeds,contracts,notes,1st and 2nd mortgages. Contact: 
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  • Trader$ Club

    Hosted by _Trojan_

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    Trading techniques discussion. Mostly in Greek languange, however you all are welcome to participate. 
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  • Boycott Ebay

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    A place to organize. A place to unite. A place to focus. United we stand Divided we fall. A place for all to come and share. Sellers and buyers alike. Share your experiences. We are committed to helping make ebay the place it once was. 
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  • The Growth Stock Forum

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    Learn how to make your own stock trading and investment decisions. Learn and discuss the principles of High Growth Stock Investing. A cordial place for individual stock and market discussion. 
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  • Creating Financially Independent Familie

    Hosted by Guest

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    The purpose of this Forum is to financially educate and empower the Average American Family so that they may enjoy life in America as it was supposed to be lived, not as so many are forced to live it because of inadequate financial resources. 
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