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  • Military Guns and Ammunition

    Hosted by autogun

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    This is intended for people interested in the subject of military guns and their ammunition, with emphasis on automatic weapons, particularly in larger calibres (12.7+mm). 
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  • 97th Signal Battalion Assoc.

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    This forum is dedicated to reuniting people who served in the 97th Signal Battalion. The forum hopes to find others who served in the 97th. 
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  • History of WW 1939-1945

    Hosted by WW2History

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    This message board for WWII enthusiasts is devoted to exchange ideas about any topic dealing with the WW 1939-1945 history. 
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  • Military Veterans of America

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    Welcome, brothers and sisters. Whether a veteran, on active duty, reserve, National Guard or a family member of a vet, this board is for you. Thank you for your service to our country! 
  • Petty Officers Lounge

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    We discuss a variety of topics here, from silly fun, to thought-provoking debates. Despite the name, we are not limited to Petty Officers (Navy E-4 to E-6) but we do maintain the flavor found in a bar full of sailors with a focus on bad jokes, weird news, and questionable farm animals. 
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  • Military Girlfriends and Friends

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    This is a group for all of you who are Military Girlfriends or military friends. 
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  • Military Spouses Club

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    Chat with other military spouses, military friends and others about moves, deployments, lifestyles, coping with everyday life in the military and anything else! 

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    A place to keep up with Military news, Links and Most of all..supporting our troop links. Also a look back to other wars including WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam etc. 
  • American Patriotism

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    American Patriotism. This forum is open to all proud Americans, not just Veterans. However, Veterans should be honored for their sacrifices for America, and the forum is inclusive to all. Say something good about the United States, its Veterans and its People. 
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  • United We Stand

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    What's best for the United States with regard to the war, homeland security, politics, religion, and social issues? Opinions are welcome, but know that this is NOT a place where you can exercise every form of liberal free speech that comes to mind. Being politically correct is for politicians, and there aren't any here. 
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