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  • Deportation Officers Forum

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    This space was created to share information and knowledge amongst Deportation Officers from all Field Offices. Also, it could help all aspiring candidates to have a better understanding of our duties and responsibilities. Please adhere to the rules below: 1. Keep it professional. 2. Be mindful of the information posted (OPSEC) 3. If you are a DO, you represent the Agency and yourself with EVERY post. The Host and Admins will monitor this forum constantly and remove any member who violates any... [+]
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  • Military Guns and Ammunition

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    This is intended for people interested in the subject of military guns and their ammunition, with emphasis on automatic weapons. 
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  • History of WW 1939-1945

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    This message board for WWII enthusiasts is devoted to exchange ideas about any topic dealing with the WW 1939-1945 history. 
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  • United We Stand

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    What's best for the United States with regard to the war, homeland security, politics, religion, and social issues? Opinions are welcome, but know that this is NOT a place where you can exercise every form of liberal free speech that comes to mind. Being politically correct is for politicians, and there aren't any here. 
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  • 40&8 Military Veterans Forum

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    Discussion area for military veterans,members of the Forty & Eight,and Legionnaires. 
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  • SR25 Match Tactical Rifle Forum

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    A discussion forum dedicated to the Precision Military, Law Enforcement-Tactical and Civilian Competition user of the superbly accurate SR25 Match Rifle and Variants. Discussion of RELATED Shooting Topics Welcome. 
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  • Cuffs and Stuff

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    Welcome to our open forum. Our staff include Police, Military, Corrections, Retired, Dispatch, and regular working people just like yourself... a great mix of fun people looking for a relaxing place. We are an adult forum and some of our joking might not be suitable for under 18. So for that reason, adults who support L.E., and those who live by, study and work with us in the civilian world day in and out are invited to come in and kick back, and share a laugh. 
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  • 6224th USARF School

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    I am building a forum for the past members of the 6224th USARF School 
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  • USAF Clinic Howard

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    A Forum for those assigned to the USAF Clinic, Howard AFB, Canal Zone, Panamato reunite with former Clinic personnel. 
  • Proud Honorable Vietnam Vets & Friends

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    This forum is open to all Americans, who believe in honorable vietnam veterans. We are all in this together. summer 2004 honorable Vietnam Van marches are open to every veteran, their families, their friends and all apprecative Americans.