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  • United States Border Patrol

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    The Border Patrol Hiring Answer Board is the place to begin the Adventure of Your Life! This forum is not, in any way, associated with US Border Patrol, Customs and Border Protection or the Department of Homeland Security. 
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  • Police Officers And Citizens Chat

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    This is a place to kick back and chat. Everyone is welcome. The only house rules I have is everyone is treated with respect.This forum is Pro Law Enforcement and Pro 2nd Amendment. 
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    Hosted by LOCAL1613

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    This forum is intended for the exchange of information between National Border Patrol Council members and is related to issues affecting U.S. Border Patrol Agents. The National Border Patrol Council is the exclusive representative for approximately 11,000 non-supervisory Border Patrol Agents and support personnel within the United States Border Patrol. This forum is hosted by NBPC Local 1613, which represents approximately 1400 Border Patrol Agents assigned to the San Diego Sector of the U.S.... [+]
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  • Federal Protective Service Job Forum

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    Welcome to the Federal Protective Service job forum. This forum is for individuals interested in discussing and sharing information about a career with Federal Protective Service. Feel free to discuss all positions: Police Officer, Canine Handler, Inspector and Special Agent. Current FPS employees are encouraged to post also. Please note that this forum has absolutely no official affiliation with any element of the United States Government or Federal Protective Service. Opinions, statements... [+]
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  • JH Graf's Human Rights Forum

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    The focus here is mainly human rights, political asylum, and whistleblower issues. All persons of good will are welcome. 
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  • Cuffs and Stuff

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    Welcome to our open forum. Our staff include Police, Military, Corrections, Retired, Dispatch, and regular working people just like yourself... a great mix of fun people looking for a relaxing place. We are an adult forum and some of our joking might not be suitable for under 18. So for that reason, adults who support L.E., and those who live by, study and work with us in the civilian world day in and out are invited to come in and kick back, and share a laugh. 
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  • SR25 Match Tactical Rifle Forum

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    A discussion forum dedicated to the Precision Military, Law Enforcement-Tactical and Civilian Competition user of the superbly accurate SR25 Match Rifle and Variants. Discussion of RELATED Shooting Topics Welcome. 
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  • K9 And Protection Dogs Forum

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    Everyone is Welcome, post messages and leave messages about your k9, or protection dog experiences, and leave tips on care and upkeep of your favorite partner, best friend and pictures. Join in discussions or start your own. 
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  • Customs And Border Protection

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    All things CBP, Office of Field Operations, related. 
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  • Copsonline

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    Copsonline...Under new management!Forum updated streamlined and improved and more secure in order to provide you with a more enjoyable online community.If you are in Law enforcement or a friend/family or support law enforcement,Welcome! Old members missed,new members Welcome! 
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