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Hosted by Laura (LJOHNS)
Messages: 3313858 (750 posted today) Members: 32269 (97 active today)
A Delphi forum since 1994. A flame-free zone for civil discussion and debate on national and world politics and policies, political figures and parties and issues facing our nation today. Bring your opinion and have your say. 
Messages: 912060 (497 posted today) Members: 3322 (64 active today)
Are you a serious political junkie? If so this Roost is for you, a conservative forum open to all discussions, thoughts and ideas across the political and social spectrum. The latest in breaking news and opinions,the cutting edge of societal evolution. Please be courteous and civil, angry and combative language does not help anyone, we encourage debates but wont tolerate personal attacks. Let's educate, not aggravate. THE forum for civil discussion. Also a sense of humor helps.Thanks 
Messages: 6856712 (615 posted today) Members: 55345 (75 active today)
For Diversity of View, The OP is the Place to Be, with over FIFTEEN YEARS of heated, lively debate with over 60,000 members, over 6.6 Million posted messages! Come check out the most active current events forum on Delphi where freedom of speech is paramount. Be part of it, say hello in the new members folder! 
Messages: 1461156 (303 posted today) Members: 12263 (44 active today)
A one-stop forum for all of your posting needs. We are the MOST friendly/accepting of all, Liberal run forums on Delphi. In fact the BEST Liberal forum in all of Delphi! While our main focus is on politics, we also like discussing what is going on in the US and the world. In addition, we have folders for: history, entertainment, gay and other minority equality, polls, light conversation, and a few other categories. Have your own take on things? Come and share it. Just jump in and tell us what... [+]
Messages: 1254226 (153 posted today) Members: 6669 (27 active today)
ICC - Idle Chit-Chat, Delphi's largest UK/Europe current affairs forum. Sick of being accused by fellow posters of lowering the standards on the Independent Argument (IA) forum, a group of members decided to create their own forum, where they could lower standards among themselves, away from IA. We still have chats about current events as well as about our day to day lives, with discussion topics ranging from music to politics through to underwear. 
Messages: 922098 (149 posted today) Members: 8914 (29 active today)
A place for the free discussion of issues important to all of us from politics to religion to lifestyle. If you have an opinion, the First Amendment forum is the place for you. 
Messages: 380104 (128 posted today) Members: 3201 (21 active today)
Sassy's Place is a current events forum where all posters are welcome! We have a even mix of left, right and even middle of the road posters. There are posters from all over the world which brings a different perspective to all those who post here. There is always heated and lively debate on a variety of topics. Check Sassy's Place for the latest news on Israel and the Middle East as well as all of the latest news coming from the Middle East! 
Hosted by DigYourGig
Messages: 366529 (40 posted today) Members: 10113 (24 active today)
Politics, news, culture, entertainment... and all the things beneath, behind and between. 
Hosted by Miss_Meliss4
Messages: 782519 (115 posted today) Members: 5728 (5 active today)
Welcome to our small corner of the Internet. DiverseCity is best described by the root of its name; a diverse place, full of diverse people having diverse conversation. The world has very few absolutes any longer. This forum provides a means with which to explore a way of thinking that you might not otherwise have the privilege of being exposed. Any topic goes. We look forward to new participants and expanding our DiverseCity every day! 
Messages: 638541 (62 posted today) Members: 4625 (16 active today)
"IT's BACK!! "The Colosseum" - Forget the Far Left and Far Right, who both are what is tearing this country apart. The "Colosseum" is a battle ground: Bring your weapons and defend your positions. Be prepared to make that defense when you offer an opinion and or advocate a position. Can you defend yourself? But Battle is not all that "The Colosseum" offers: Food, drink, entertainment and more. After all, with down time from the battle one has to do... [+]
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