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  • EBS Watercooler by distance learning

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    A place where Heriot-Watt University distance education MBA students shorten the distance and meet online. Share your ideas, worries and dreams! 
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  • Gifted and Talented Education

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    With intelligence, creativity, problem solving, and special skills as areas of focus, you are welcome to discuss teacher preparation, teaching strategies & techniques, learning resources, schools, and various programs relating to gifted and talented persons, especially children. Theories of all kinds, wide-ranging research, anecdotes, and 'unusual' resources are all of interest here as we aim for the best. 
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  • Distance Learning

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  • Henry Ford High Alumni Forum - Trojans

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    Henry Ford High Forum, is a place for alumni and friends of this Detroit High School. This official Alumni Forum has been owned and maintained by Alumnus of Henry Ford High since 2001. The school is located at 20000 Evergreen Road, Detroit, Michigan 48219 
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  • El Zigurat

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    Nuestro foro es para todas aquellas personas que tengan interés en el español y en la cultura hispana. Es un lugar de encuentro para conversar con amigos, hacer comentarios sobre actualidad, compartir nuestro interés acerca del idioma y practicar la escritura del mismo. En este foro se escribe en español o en inglés, según la preferencia individual de cada participante. 
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  • Churchillians *ChurchillAlumni.Com*

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    Welcome to our meeting spot for Alumni of Churchill High School, Livonia, Michigan. Come get re-acquainted, find reunion information, and even learn about local events. 
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  • The Germanic Forum

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    All things Germanic, language, art, culture, history, etc. Join in for learning, games, and allgemeine Diskussion. 
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  • Beyond Basic Spanish

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    You did basic spanish in high school. You remember a lot - and now, years out of school, it's time to go to the next level. For personal use? Need learning materials? For travel? Natives and educators from around the world are ready to help you improve. 
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  • Aprendiendo Español

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    This forum is meant as a Spanish language learning tool, for all those who are interested in brushing up their skills in it. Worldwide membership is more than welcome for a global view and represantation of the Spanish spoken in many parts of the world.