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  • Donna Summer & more music...

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    The ultimate place where Donna Summer fans from around the world enjoy an... Endless Summer ! Featuring an active folder for other pop stars. Check it out ! 
  • Al Jolson Forum

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    Devoted to Al Jolson, the World's Greatest Entertainer, who was first on Broadway, Film, Radio, and the hearts of millions. 
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  • ShowBiz

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    Acting, television, advance TV news, animation, celebrities who kill, cinema, comedy, crimes against celebrities, drama, DVD, entertainment, film, films, inside info, Hollywood happenings, movie stills, movies, posters, public executions, reality TV, soundtracks, 'Star Wars,' Stephen King, Tolkien. It's all here. Founded in 1989, ShowBiz is now 25! 
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  • Penguin's Miscreant Saloon

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    A completely unmoderated forum to rant about anything you like 
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  • North Pole

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    Welcome to the North Pole. We hope to put smiles on your faces and in your hearts. Come on in, sit around the firepit and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and Mrs Claus's famous Christmas cookies. Listen and you just might hear the Elfmeister and his reindeer chorus on Christmas Eve. Make yourself at home here at the North Pole and Merry Christmas ! 
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  • The Magic Bus!

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    The Magic Bus! It's all about music and to discover new music, also the playlists will be posted In service of Seniors Hideaway Radio! 
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  • Classic Movies

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    The friendliest and liveliest place on the Web to talk about all the classic movies and stars we love from the golden age of Hollywood! 
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  • Lights, Camera, Action!

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    Do you like all kinds of movies? Old, new, cult, sci-fi, horror, romance, action, drama, comedy? If so grab a bag of popcorn from the machine and pick your seat. Feel free to start a thread on your favorites, post a poll or respond to something that looks interesting! 
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  • Filmitus: Music and Films Forum

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    this is a music and films chat, so let's try and keep on topic Ok. No offensive stuff or personal attacks just a friendly place to talk about music and films in peace. 
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  • Professional Actors Resource Forum

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    Forum for Parents of Child Actors and Teen Actors. Discussion topics are focused on performing in television, film, theater and music. Whether your child is new to acting or a seasoned pro, engage in conversations with other parents about navigating this business, getting started, finding or changing agents or managers and more. We discuss everything from casting calls and acting classes to work / life balance for kids, contract negotiations and on set safety. It's not uncommon to find... [+]
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