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  • Beanie's Place

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    Messages: 310787 (17 posted today) Members: 768 (2 active today)
    We are an exciting friendly group who get together to discuss Days of Our Lives and other television shows as well as celebrity news. 
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  • TV Chatter 2.0

    Messages: 41659 (1 posted today) Members: 1039 (5 active today)
    A place to discuss what we like to watch on TV, cable, movies or streaming video. Come talk about your favorite show or show you love to hate but watch anyway. 
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  • Prime Time Cafe

    Hosted by LoveRiot

    Messages: 88302 (2 posted today) Members: 232 (1 active today)
    This forum was created to discuss the various shows on major network TV during prime time hours. 
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  • The Soap Dish

    Messages: 179940 (0 posted today) Members: 2402 (3 active today)
    A friendly place to read and post messages about your favorite soaps- Y&R, GH, DOOL and B&B. Along with the soaps we also discuss other TV Shows and topics. Come join us! 
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  • Cable TV Shows (and Streaming!)

    Hosted by LoveRiot

    Messages: 99847 (3 posted today) Members: 338 (1 active today)
    This forum has been created to discuss television shows on all cable channels as well as other platforms such as Netflix, Hulu. 
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  • ShowBiz

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    Acting, television, advance TV news, animation, celebrities who kill, cinema, comedy, crimes against celebrities, drama, DVD, entertainment, film, films, inside info, Hollywood happenings, movie stills, movies, posters, public executions, reality TV, soundtracks, 'Star Wars,' Stephen King, Tolkien. It's all here. Founded in 1989, ShowBiz is now 25! 
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  • The TV MegaSite's Primetime Forum

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    This is our site for talking about primetime TV! Anything except daytime soaps (we have forums for that already). Come join us and make new friends! 
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  • Lights, Camera, Action!

    Hosted by Clancy44

    Messages: 42613 (0 posted today) Members: 2485 (1 active today)
    Do you like all kinds of movies? Old, new, cult, sci-fi, horror, romance, action, drama, comedy? If so grab a bag of popcorn from the machine and pick your seat. Feel free to start a thread on your favorites, post a poll or respond to something that looks interesting! 
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  • Star Trek & Media Science Fiction

    Messages: 130265 (0 posted today) Members: 9032 (0 active today)
    Science Fiction fans meet to share information about their favorite science fiction television shows and movies. Discussions feature episode reviews, tv schedules, movie and DVD release dates, and the latest news, spoilers and rumors. 
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  • Professional Actors Resource Forum

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    Forum for Parents of Child Actors and Teen Actors. Discussion topics are focused on performing in television, film, theater and music. Whether your child is new to acting or a seasoned pro, engage in conversations with other parents about navigating this business, getting started, finding or changing agents or managers and more. We discuss everything from casting calls and acting classes to work / life balance for kids, contract negotiations and on set safety. It's not uncommon to find... [+]
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