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  • ~*~ Aussie Mums ~*~

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    A great fun place where australian mums can get together, meet new people, chat about pregnancy, birth, work, parenting etc. 
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  • Pregnancy and Tubal Reversal Surgery

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    A place for families making the descion to have a Tubal Ligation Reversal Surgery. All are welcome so please come in and have fun. 
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  • Teen Parenting

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    This is a group for those who are teen parents, becoming teen parents. A support group to gain knowledge and insight of what to expect and how to overcome the obstacles of young parenting. 
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  • Let's Talk Previa

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    Placenta Previa in Pregnancy? Come here for Support. 
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  • Knocked Up

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    The ultimate trying to concieve and pregnancy forum. 
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  • ~Baby Dancers~

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    This is a forum where women can meet to discuss their everyday lives, loves and frustrations! Most of us are either TTC, pregnant and/or mothers. See you there! 
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