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  • RPG Talminess

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    A unique fantasy role playing experience. Everyone is welcome to join and share their creative writing abilities. Create theives and assassins, mages and bards, dragons and unicorns, warriors and elves... Almost anything your mind can conjure... 
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  • Unknown Lands (FFRPG)

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    Gay vampires, bipolar balrogs and a talking rat. In the Unknown Lands you’ll encounter creatures from every walk of life and beyond. Here everything and everyone is possible, and only your imagination is the limit. Come experience the magic. You’ll be surprised by what you see. *~*~*~*~* The Unknown Lands is an Advanced FreeForm RolePlay forum. Both experienced and inexperienced writers are welcomed to join this diverse land that is ever growing through the efforts of all its talented members. 
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  • Terra Bestia {FFRPG}

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    The world, as humans knew it in the 21st century, ceased to exist. The tectonic plates shifted once again, creating another Pangaea. However amidst the environmental change...the vegetation around the world began to fight back after being thrown back together so rapidly. Rather than draw in carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen, the plants reversed nature's process, expelling a deadly gas that began affecting all populations of life. Few species of each race survived save for plants and... [+]
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  • PernRPG

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    Anne McCaffrey's world of Dragons is the setting for this virtual role playing world. Come visit where Dragons Live! 
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  • Sacrilege (Adult RPG)

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    Warning:18+ Role Playing Game Room. Dark Modern Role Playing Game. Join the denizens of the dark; vampires, lycans, demons and other races as they fight to survive the onslaught of the Brotherhood of the Iron Star. Unlikely alliances will form, and enemies will be made as racial factions vie for power in this treacherous land. 
  • The Broken Spoke Tavern ((FFRPG))

    Hosted by DM (Dngn_Mstr)

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    All are welcome to the world of Paladia, home to role-players in the best tradition. AD&D, Rifts, FATE, GURPS; whether you want to play online or just talk about our favorite hobby. 
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  • Coldspire Weyr—Adv. Pern RPG

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    The world is Pern; the time, the Tenth Pass. At the height of the Pass, a new Weyr has risen in the Western Ring; frozen Coldspire Weyr, at the top of one of Pern's highest volcanoes. It is said that only the mad would live here—but live here, Dragonriders must, to protect the people of the Islands... descendants of murderers, outlaws and thieves. Can Coldspire Weyr and Black Delta Hold prosper, despite their troubled origins? 
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  • Tyran: Perceptions of Destiny

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    Another RPG version of the original Talkcity Tyran of the 90's. This role playing game is based off medieval times, and is a free form setting. Venture inside for more information. 
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  • The Overseas RPG

    Hosted by BIZARRO02

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    Overseas is a collection of formerly independent RPGs. We are a free form role-playing game, which is very close to interactive fiction. The board is dedicated to events occuring in multiple lands. 
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  • Kingdom of Aureolia

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    This is a Free Form Role Playing Game set in a medieval fantasy world based on the old Prodigy Classic RPG. 
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