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  • Unknown Lands (FFRPG)

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    Gay vampires, bipolar balrogs and a talking rat. In the Unknown Lands you’ll encounter creatures from every walk of life and beyond. Here everything and everyone is possible, and only your imagination is the limit. Come experience the magic. You’ll be surprised by what you see. *~*~*~*~* The Unknown Lands is an Advanced FreeForm RolePlay forum. Both experienced and inexperienced writers are welcomed to join this diverse land that is ever growing through the efforts of all its talented members. 
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  • RPG Talminess

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    A unique fantasy role playing experience. Everyone is welcome to join and share their creative writing abilities. Create theives and assassins, mages and bards, dragons and unicorns, warriors and elves... Almost anything your mind can conjure... 
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  • Terra Bestia {FFRPG}

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    The world, as humans knew it in the 21st century, ceased to exist. The tectonic plates shifted once again, creating another Pangaea. However amidst the environmental change...the vegetation around the world began to fight back after being thrown back together so rapidly. Rather than draw in carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen, the plants reversed nature's process, expelling a deadly gas that began affecting all populations of life. Few species of each race survived save for plants and... [+]
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  • The World of Iolar

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    Iolar is a fantasy RPG that features high-flying Firebirds & their riders or Gryphons and their tenders. Check it out and see what else we have! 
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  • USS Powhatan,NCC-1967 A Games & Writing

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    Ongoing-2016 Flotter and The tree Monster Contest Has Begun If you like to participate in the Contest or Role Play game please let the forum host know..Poetry,Science Fiction Book Discussions, Science Fiction Movies Discussions, Sitcoms Discussions, Story Telling are also welcome here so please stop by and make your self at home.Rated G No Violence and No Profanity and monitored for content....All poems and role playing stories posted on USS Powhatan NCC-1967 A are a combination of many... [+]
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  • Peryton Gamers

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    This is an open club for gamers to get together to chatter about tabletop role-playing games and plan convention events. <a href=""></a> 
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  • Midgar

    Twi (Ocean87)
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    Twi (Ocean87)

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    Want to prevail in the role playing game, anime, CG, characters modifications, and cheats sectors? Our forum will espouse every possible techniques to provide the maximum amusement. Also we would like to point out that we are a public forum so everyones invited! Come in grab a Duff and play some Final fantasy, watch some DBZ and overall have some fun. The mods here are Wizard: RENOTHETURK Assistant manager's: Pichu and Chocaddict1 
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  • Dancing Shadows (Freeform Roleplaying)

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    Free Form Roleplaying setting. Please check the rules before playing. 
  • Kingdom of Berbusk (RPG)

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    Set in the 1344 A.D., The Kingdom of Berbusk is alive with Medieval Kings and Queens, Elves and Fairies, Clerics and Paladins, and many otherworldly creatures. If you can create it in your mind, it exists here. Join Her Majesty's Imperial Guard, audition for the next theatrical production, shop the townsquare, or simply celebrate life at the Tavern & Inn. All levels of RPG are welcome within. Please read the start page for more background, How To Get Started in KOB on the message... [+]
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  • Evertime Harbor Inn (FFRPG)

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    Welcome to the lands of Evertime. A peaceful - but not quite secluded - beach along the coast. Inviting ocean waters and warmer weather make this area one of the most treasured in the lands.. Looks are deceiving. Here we have many oportunities to expand your creativity. From sea, land (both surface and underworld) and even air. Living or dead.. Evertime is a FFRPG. Please read the start page. 
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