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  • Diabetes Information

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    Information about diabetes, helpful recipes, and cool tips on how to manage it 
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  • The Healthy Life Buffet

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    Support Group!! I offer several diets & healthy eating plans & support for everyone. Exercise, fitness & grocery shopping tips. We have one of the largest recipe folders on Delphi! We are not geared to only one plan & we openly welcome anyone who has a differnt plan to please post. We are open minded & interested in what you have to say, pro or con. Take part in fun, games, recipes. Lots of recipes! And we never fight here! Come on over! 
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  • SugarBusters! Diet

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    For those of us losing weight and eating healthy on the SugarBusters! plan. Meet others on SugarBusters!, swap success stories and get your questions answered. Let's lose together! 
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  • Raw Diet Support Group

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    A raw foods diet is very healing, detoxifying,great for weight loss, and healing many common chronic illnesses. Easily make satisfying breakfasts, lunches, snacks, breads, dinners, desserts using a blender, food processor, juicer and dehydrator. 
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