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  • The Calorie Counter

    Scar (XFatty)
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    Scar (XFatty)

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    This is a place where people can come to learn and share tips and tricks of weight loss, get support and understanding from people who are fighting for their life. 
  • Low-Carb Connoisseur Message Board

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    Discussion and Chat about all aspects of low carbohydrate dieting. Visit our online catalogue at:! 
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  • Weight Loss Wisdom

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    A place to stay strong on your weight loss plan. Work through your struggles, share your success and most of all motivation to stick to your plan and reach your goals! 
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  • Aromatherapy and Healing

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    A place to discuss favorite scents, as well as the healing use of essential oils. The host is a Reiki Practitioner II using Young Living Essential Oils in her practice. Any and all discussions of alternative health practices are welcome ! 
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  • Healthy Weigh Through WLS

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    Looking for a weight loss surgery healthy weigh? There's more to WLS success than having the surgery. The real work starts after the doctor is done. Proper nutrition, exercise and the right frame of mind make success possible. Join in and make it happen for you! 
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  • Weight Watchers Buddies

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    Weight Watchers members providing recipes and support and just plain friendly chat. 
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  • SugarBusters! Diet

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    For those of us losing weight and eating healthy on the SugarBusters! plan. Meet others on SugarBusters!, swap success stories and get your questions answered. Let's lose together! 
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  • Exercise Your Willpower

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    This forum is to help in your quest for fitness and health. There is also a website connected with this forum. 
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  • Valley Medical Weight Loss, Botox, Lip F

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  • Weight Loss "OLD SCHOOL" style

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    Are you losing weight the "OLD SCHOOL" style? That includes exercise, eating healthfully, or calorie restriction. This does NOT include taking weight loss pills, or having weight loss surgery. If you're an "OLD SCHOOLER" and losing weight the RIGHT way, join us! We offer support for those struggling with the same issues we've all had, and want to celebrate your achievements! We know the only real way to lose weight is through hard work, perserverance, will power,... [+]
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