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The latest news, information and discussions on stamp collecting and postal agencies, along with collecting advice, software, photos and more! 
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We are knitters and crocheters chatting about projects and families. We have many interests and talents, and we talk about those also. You will find help for all kinds of crafting questions, or answer questions from those seeking your expert help. Are you looking for a particular pattern? Want to learn a new technique? We have a very friendly, knowledgeable group—don't be shy, come in and visit. 
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Our forum is a place to discuss the Radial Arm Saw, the old world class Dewalt's, Black and Decker, Delta and other makes too! Finding and restoring, setups and uses in the shop. 
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A quilting bee is a gathering of quilters who come together to begin, work on, or complete, a quilt. In the "olden days," quilting bees were commonplace events in order to accommodate the quick completion of a quilt, usually for special occasions such as weddings. Today, quilting bees are common place gatherings to enable the quick completion of multiple quilts for charitable projects, such as Project Linus. 
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Welcome to BREAKTIME CLASSIC, the non-Taunton 'Classic' version of Breaktime Forum. We encourage participation by professional and DIY builders and building trades specialists of all types. We also encourage homeowners with questions on homebuilding to post them here. Please note: Breaktime Classic is a 'poli-jive free zone.' 
Hosted by FLYFAST
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C/L Speed is the subject. Questions and answers, news, opinions, anything that has to do with flying in a circle FAST! 
Hosted by TERRIPAL
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This is a forum for all who want to share in ideas for primitive crafting and decorating! From the hobbyist to the nationally known designers we have them ALL! Lovers of peeling painted furniture to country decorators....we all share in the love of old items in our homes! 
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Genealogical Research, culture, customs, traditions, recipes and family history in what is now the Czech republic and Slovakia formerly known as Czechoslovakia. Your starting point for learning about your heritage and family history from the area that now makes up the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic. Covering Slovak, Carpatho-Rusyn, Lemko, Hutsal, Czech, Bohemian, Moravian, Jewish, and related heritages from the lands of the what was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. 
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Starting our 16th year. Polymer Clay is hottest arts and crafts medium in decades. Colorful, immediate, and extremely versatile, polymer clay could be the most exciting material you'll ever lay your hands on! Join us, and see for yourself! 
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