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  • German Shepherd Dog Forum

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    Message board community for German Shepherds owners and handlers. Discuss GSD training and behavior, nutrition, all dog sports including herding, agility, IPO Schutzhund, field training, retrieving, swimming, and working dog jobs, LE, SAR and scent work. Related breeds are welcome: Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherds, Belgian Shepherds and other Working Dogs. 
  • Online Quilting Guild

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    Welcome to our free quilting forum, the Online Quilting Guild, where you can share ideas about quilting, swap fabrics and other projects, and chat with quilters worldwide. 
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  • The Stamp Collecting Forum

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    The latest news, information and discussions on stamp collecting and postal agencies, along with collecting advice, software, photos and more! 
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  • "DeWalt" Radial Arm Saw Forum

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    Our forum is a place to discuss the Radial Arm Saw, the old world class Dewalt's, Black and Decker, Delta and other makes too! Finding and restoring, setups and uses in the shop. 
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  • Our Poodle Forum

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    Poodle Forum for people who love poodles: A friendly place where we can discuss everything about being owned by a poodle. 
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  • The Quilting Bee

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    A quilting bee is a gathering of quilters who come together to begin, work on, or complete, a quilt. In the "olden days," quilting bees were commonplace events in order to accommodate the quick completion of a quilt, usually for special occasions such as weddings. Today, quilting bees are common place gatherings to enable the quick completion of multiple quilts for charitable projects, such as Project Linus. 
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  • C/L Speed Forum

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    C/L Speed is the subject. Questions and answers, news, opinions, anything that has to do with flying in a circle FAST! 
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  • Gobsmacked Hockey League

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  • Bird Brained

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    My collection of my bird photos. You are welcome to add your own! 
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  • Quilting Forum

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    Quilters at all levels exchange information, swap fabric & blocks. It's a Non-Commercial place to chat off topic, too. All kinds of quilts and quilting, patchwork, fabric dyeing, embellishment, quilting computer software, and applique are discussed - classic, traditional and art quilts.