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  • Polymer Clay Central

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    Starting our 16th year. Polymer Clay is hottest arts and crafts medium in decades. Colorful, immediate, and extremely versatile, polymer clay could be the most exciting material you'll ever lay your hands on! Join us, and see for yourself! 
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  • Primitive & Rustic Crafts & Decorating

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    This is a forum for all who want to share in ideas for primitive crafting and decorating! From the hobbyist to the nationally known designers we have them ALL! Lovers of peeling painted furniture to country decorators....we all share in the love of old items in our homes! 
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  • DRStamping-Dedicated to Rubber Stamping

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    Whether you are a new Stamper, an expert or just a fascinated onlooker, we hope to have just the information that you need. Rubber Stampers get together and share all. 
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  • Painting for Fun & Profit--PFFP

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    Welcome to each of you that have come to PFFP . A great place to visit, that is all about decorative painting and a place to meet painting friends. I welcome each of you and hope each of you find motivation if it is needed, a place to find help with your painting materials, mediums or just to share you love for this wonderful form of art we all love. 
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  • The Hobby House

    JayJ (XJayJX)
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    JayJ (XJayJX)

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    Our forum is a place to share your favorite hobbies with others. Everything from travel to recipes can be posted here. We would love to have you tell us about your hobbies. 
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  • Holidays Around the World

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    Celebrating holidays throughout the year. Share the sights and sounds of Christmas traditions and customs as celebrated all over the world. Valentine Day, Mardi Gras, St. Patrick's Day and Easter follow shortly. Make sure your memories and traditions are included. So far we have links to Christmas Traditions from Austria, Bohemia, Carpatho-Rus, Croatia, Czech, England, Finland, France, Hawaii, Hungary, Iceland, Japan, Moravia, Netherlands, Newfoundland, Norway, Phillipines, Poland,... [+]
  • A Passion for Primitives

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    This forum was created in an attempt to spread the word about primitive crafts and decorating in Australia.We welcome international Primitive lovers too of course:) 
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  • Friendly Sewing - Material Girls & Guys

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    A forum for those who sew or would like to sew. Friendly discussions with laughter and support. Come tell us about your successes and failures in sewing. 
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  • Custom Action Figure Forum

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    Lively discussions about all aspects of the curious hobby of customizing action figures. Discussions include tips, tricks, sharing the results of one's labors, trading figures, and much more! 
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  • All Fiber Arts

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    Fiber Arts come in many forms: weaving, spinning, knitting, crochet, felting. This forum is for all textile artists to discuss our love textiles and the fibre arts. 
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