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  • Over the Garden Gate

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    The place to share your enthusiasm for gardening, family, friends, pets, and life in general. We welcome all. Keep it clean, friendly, and fun. 
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  • Parrot Parrot "Pet Birds"

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    Discuss pet birds from finches to macaws. All about parrots, including health, well-being, training, behavior, diet, and breeding. Same moderator who ran the About.com Pet Birds site and forum, Vera Appleyard. 
  • Urban Dogs - For Canadian Dog Owners

    Hosted by JENROSS

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    Canadian Toronto and Vancouver dog owners discuss local issues, locate dog-friendly parks and services, find favourite trainers, vets, groomers, dog walkers and day care. 
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  • A Little This and That

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    This is a forum that share crafts, Christian faith, books we are reading, tags/sigs, and our pets and gardening. A little this and that. 
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  • ~*~PAWPRINTS~*~

    Hosted by loverotts

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    Pawprints is More then just another pet discussion board . We are about Celebrating the special bond we share with our fur kids . A place to remember the ones gone from our lives but never from our hearts . A place to honor the ones that bless our lives today. We are a warm and friendly group that shares a common bond the love of our fur kids we love to talk about our everyday lives of living with , caring for & loving our furry ones. Now Taking request for custom sigs using your pups pics 
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  • The Sheltie Forum

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    This site covers all aspects of the Shetland Sheepdog. There are links to many national Sheltie clubs and Rescue organizations. We also offer weekly Chat and breeder referral. 
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  • The Scullery

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    This is a welcome to all who visit The Scullery. In days gone by (thankfully) when millions were no more than low paid slaves to the rich in their lovely big houses the only place for fellowship and chat was the scullery. The scullery was a room in the enormous kitchen used for washing up and preparing vegetables and other jobs the cook did not have the time for. It was also a place to have a break along with a friendly helpful chat. This is what my forum THE SCULLERY has been created for.... [+]
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  • Paws Online

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    A forum for pet owners and animal lovers. 
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  • Garden Chat

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    Our second home....And proudly celebrating our 15th year of fun and friendships.. Our door is always open to new friends! We have gardeners from all over the USA and Canada...Got a garden question? Come on in and ask...We have several Master Gardeners to help... "Come on in!" Join in our discusions about gardening, friends, family, pets, crafts, or anything that tickles your fancy! The coffee is always on....and someone is ALWAYS baking something delicious...so don't forget to... [+]
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  • Greyhounders Online

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    This forum is a sanctuary for Greyhounder's who want to talk about the worlds oldest and greatest breed of dog.