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  • Over the Garden Gate

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    The place to share your enthusiasm for gardening, family, friends, pets, and life in general. We welcome all. Keep it clean, friendly, and fun. 
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  • ~*~PAWPRINTS~*~

    Hosted by loverotts

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    Pawprints is More then just another pet discussion board . We are about Celebrating the special bond we share with our fur kids . A place to remember the ones gone from our lives but never from our hearts . A place to honor the ones that bless our lives today. We are a warm and friendly group that shares a common bond the love of our fur kids we love to talk about our everyday lives of living with , caring for & loving our furry ones. Now Taking request for custom sigs using your pups pics 
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  • Greyhounders Online

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    This forum is a sanctuary for Greyhounder's who want to talk about the worlds oldest and greatest breed of dog. 
  • PurrrrFect Kitty Forum

    Hosted by MikeR (MDR11)

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    This forum is for all you FurPersons where you can talk about kitty's any time you want. 
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  • The Cavalier Spot

    Hosted by leighann1001

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    If you are a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel enthusiast, this is the place for you 
  • Parrot Parrot "Pet Birds"

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    Discuss pet birds from finches to macaws. All about parrots, including health, well-being, training, behavior, diet, and breeding. Same moderator who ran the About.com Pet Birds site and forum, Vera Appleyard. 
  • Paws Online

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    A forum for pet owners and animal lovers. 
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  • Blackie

    DJ (DJisme)
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    DJ (DJisme)

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    A memorial for pets. 
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  • Paw Prints 2

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    All about those furry little friends of ours that most of us treat as family .... lol 
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