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  • Over the Garden Gate

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    The place to share your enthusiasm for gardening, family, friends, pets, and life in general. We welcome all. Keep it clean, friendly, and fun. 
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  • Canadian Pugs & Graphics

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    This forum is for ALL Pug lovers, breeders, rescuers,in any and ALL countries! Join in our many discussions about our Pugs and enjoy our pug pictures. We have a lot of fun in this Pug forum so be prepared to smile. Come join the fun now!! We look forward to meeting you and your pug(s). 
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  • ~*~PAWPRINTS~*~

    Hosted by loverotts

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    Pawprints is More then just another pet discussion board . We are about Celebrating the special bond we share with our fur kids . A place to remember the ones gone from our lives but never from our hearts . A place to honor the ones that bless our lives today. We are a warm and friendly group that shares a common bond the love of our fur kids we love to talk about our everyday lives of living with , caring for & loving our furry ones. Now Taking request for custom sigs using your pups pics 
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  • Parrot Parrot "Pet Birds"

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    Discuss pet birds from finches to macaws. All about parrots, including health, well-being, training, behavior, diet, and breeding. Same moderator who ran the About.com Pet Birds site and forum, Vera Appleyard. 
  • Raining Cats 'N' Dogs!

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    Are you looking for a warm, new, comfortable place to share your stories, photos, and maybe even a few grins about your beloved cats and dogs? Spend time with your friends and make some new ones! Win prizes in our monthly photo contests, play games, learn new things. We even have a folder where you can discuss your other pets. You don't have to be owned by cats and dogs to join us, you just have to love them:)Please drop by and welcome McKenzie to our family! 
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  • AnAfricanGrey.ca Forum

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    MISSION STATEMENT An African Grey (AnAG) website/forum was founded on the basis that sharing knowledge and experience would enhance the lives of our companion greys and all parrots in our charge. It is my hope that this free resource brings like minded parrot lovers together who will be influenced by the knowledge and experiences gained by taking part in this avian community. OBJECTIVES Promotes the sharing of information, knowledge and experience for all aspects of bird keeping Although... [+]
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  • Alaskan Malamute Forum

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    In support of those interested in the Alaskan Malamute and topics exigent to this amazing breed of dog. 
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  • The Garden Door.....

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    Beyond the garden door...hear the laughter? Come & join us...all you guys & gals!!! This is the perfect place to relax & talk about anything and everything that's light & fun! 
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