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  • H.O.S.T.S. - Classic

    Hosted by KassyB

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    Hosts Organizing for Superior Technical Support - This forum is very similar to Delphi's Hosts Forum - we provide excellent technical support. Also known as "H2", we are less formal in our manner. Casual Conversation at its best. 
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  • The GotSpamIt.Com Spam Warehouse

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    We share and learn how to fight email spam, but it sneaks into our inboxes any way. We might as well collect it, post it, and find the funny amongst the junk! They do make fools of themselves don't they? Just maybe we can put some spammers out of business. We also discuss spam filters and blocking, spam legislation, reporting spam and scams, and virus protection. 
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  • A Digital Smorgasbord

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    A treasure trove of info, tips and reviews... I spend considerable amount of time on various tech sites and, on occasion, see some things that I feel are shareable. This will be gleanings from that, plus a few Delphi bits, and maybe a bit of nonsense on occasion. 
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  • not sure

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    Calling all eBay members! New and old! Stop in to promote your auctions. Answer questions and/or post your own questions. Do you like those crazy weird auctions? We post them! Get the latest eBay news too. Tons of stuff to read, we have fun chats too! Stop in today! All are welcome, male, female, young and old! 
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  • -by:

    Hosted by 1weblord1

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    posting of freebies, free stuff you can see all over the internet, virtual or tangible, free trials allowed 
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  • email marketing

    Hosted by Aryan01

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