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  • BiFemLounge

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    Our chatroom BiFemLounge is one of the longest running chatrooms on the Internet and is hosted on Delphi Forums. We are operated by and have over 274,000 registered members. We are a fun and friendly chatroom which is open 24 hours a day where everyone is always welcome. Our room operated on Talk City for many years until they closed in 2012 and were merged into Delphi Forums. 
  • Extra! Extra!

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    Need a little "Extra" zing to spice up your posts?? You can find it here! Nothing but Extras and Snags!! 
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  • Shorty's Friendship Palace

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    Come join us Tammy's Friendship Palace. A friendly chat where we treat everyone that enters like friends and family. Always someone to talk to and laugh with. Need a friend, come visit us. We have plenty of love to go around and we always welcome new people in. This is a forum where you'll meet true friends that will stick beside you for the rest of your life. 
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  • Caring Hearts

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    Share some time with us here at Caring Hearts! Join this fun, flirty, adult forum where you can make real friends, participate on an active message board, share in conversations in chat from the days serious issues to just plain silly nonsense! We welcome all people from all over. Hope to meet YOU soon! 21+ 
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  • **~Blue's Nest~**

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    We are a group of friends, who love fun, laughter, and some good natured flirting. Games are for other rooms, if you are okay with who you are than join US in chat and feel free to take advantage of our great messageboard lots to do there. 21+ please 
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  • It Used to be Seville's

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    A fun forum for a few good friends. Welcome to all. Drop by and see if our crowd suits your taste. 
  • Simply Irresistible

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    We are Simply Irresistible and will always be! An adult oriented forum to come chat and relax in. Hangout with us, have some fun, and always remember to enjoy and explore the Simply Irresistible things! 
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  • The Night Club

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    the Night Club is open to all adults looking for somewhere to have fun, meet new friends or catch up with old ones. Guaranteed laughs and fun at TNC.. hope you drop by very soon. 
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  • Ultima Thule

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    A beautiful yet haunting place where we laugh, love, flirt, joke, cry and sometimes even argue. Ultima Thule is ruled by our mysterious SnowQueen and contains secrets of unimaginable value. Come express the inner you, be you Lord, Lady, Dragon, Faerie or even the occasional Wombat! 
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  • Something Sxe

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    This is the chat room and message boards place for SxeShelly (aka erotic_babe) and all her friends to gather and have a great time. This is a topicless forum so simply put we chat about whatever we damn well please. We are a very openminded group of friendly people so drop in and say "HI" 18+ please. 
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