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  • Forbidden Flirtations

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    Come and share some good fun, laughter, playing games, flirting and above all friendship. We will see you soon. 
  • Simply Irresistible

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    We are Simply Irresistible and will always be! An adult oriented forum to come chat and relax in. Hangout with us, have some fun, and always remember to enjoy and explore the Simply Irresistible things! 
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  • The Madhouse

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    Please state your age on entry ... Room for general chat and fun. No 2 nights are ever the same. So why not come along, take a seat sit back, relax and enjoy. Trivia night every wednesday night come and join in the fun 
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    a lovely place to relax and share your feelings. tell us what your feeling are where all here to make new friends....This is a chatting forum, 21 and over is a must, This is an adult and flirting forum. Pls feel free to come and visit anytime you like..... 
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  • Shorty's Friendship Palace

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    Come join us Tammy's Friendship Palace. A friendly chat where we treat everyone that enters like friends and family. Always someone to talk to and laugh with. Need a friend, come visit us. We have plenty of love to go around and we always welcome new people in. This is a forum where you'll meet true friends that will stick beside you for the rest of your life. 
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  • A Partridge In A Peartree (Classic)

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    A forum designed for all to relax, socialize, chat with old friends and meet new friends through posting on our message boards and joining in our chat room conversations. Hop on the Partridge Family bus and ride along with us ! 
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  • jenn's just have FUN!!! ;o)

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    we're fun AND crazy- but in a good way!! ;o) we talk about everything here (LITERALLY!)...and nothing! we're kind of like the seinfeld of forums, but way funnier!! at least we think so (which may not count for much really). ha! come to jenn's and HAVE A BLAST!!!!!! we won't bite- well, not all of us! ;o) *warning: this forum is not for everyone* 
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  • The Night Club

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    the Night Club is open to all adults looking for somewhere to have fun, meet new friends or catch up with old ones. Guaranteed laughs and fun at TNC.. hope you drop by very soon. 
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  • Something Sxe

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    This is the chat room and message boards place for SxeShelly (aka erotic_babe) and all her friends to gather and have a great time. This is a topicless forum so simply put we chat about whatever we damn well please. We are a very openminded group of friendly people so drop in and say "HI" 18+ please. 
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  • Dew Drop Inn

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    A place to relax, flirt, have fun, and just be yourself. If you love to laugh, and have a great time, then you will love Dew Drop Inn. Come on in, and make some new friends. Our chat is always friendly, fun, crazy, and then some. So come on in and make yourself at home. We look forward to meeting you.. 
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