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  • Evocorner Forum

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    This is THE forum for all Lancia Delta Integrale related issues. It is a very lively forum which discusses all aspects of the most successful rally car of all time (Lancia won the World Rally Championship 6 times with this car), together with practical tips and problem solving information to help keep your piece of rally history in fine fettle, even to make it go a little (or a lot) faster if necessary. Other Lancia vehicles are also discussed. Why is it called 'Evocorner'...well... [+]
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  • SLC - Singapore Lancer Club

    Hosted by SgLancerClub

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    This is a forum for Lancer owners and car lovers in Singapore to discuss and talk about cars, ideas, modifications and anything concerning lancer. All are welcome and enjoy your stay here. - Established 27/2/02, forum founded by Terence aka EVOfusion. - Existing forum run by deadrat, vwcorrado, chuass, kenny_c, kenny_oc, pillow19, medium, nikecheng & obliviouz. 
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  • The Paratransit Forum

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    Information and discussion about paratransit, the Americans With Disabilities Act, service quality, eligibility, fare and price, driver training and driver care, incidents and accidents related to paratransit. 
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  • HAROC - HArrier & Rx Owners Club

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    This is a community of car owners exchanging information and ideas about the Toyota Harrier and the Lexus RX300 / RX330 common models. 
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  • Toyota SiG (Special Interest Group)

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    It's free...come and dicuss your cool stuff here! For all the toyota owners in Singapore, whether you are from PI or BM....... 
  • Singapore I.C.E. Forum (Car Audio)

    Hosted by MazzyMan

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    The premier Asian Car Audio forum, for anyone who's interested in In-Car-Entertainment. Come join us for a coffee! 
  • SG Opel Owners

    Hosted by Gene (EL69)

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    Welcome to Opel Owner Group of Singapore. 
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  • Mitsubishi i Club (Miti Club) Singapore

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    Singapore Mitsubishi i Club. Where i car owners and Enthusiasts meet and exchange information about our JDM Kei-Class cars.Join Us here! Anonie 
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  • Spore Mitsubishi - Airtrek Club

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    Dear Airtrekers Welcome to the AirTrek/Turbo forum, this is where we share ideas, organize gathering for car lovers 
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  • The Triumph Forum

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    The Triumph Forum is *THE* place to post and chat about the most famous of the British vehicle manufacturers and its products. The site also hosts an excellent Triumph motorcycle section. 
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