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  • Evocorner Forum

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    This is THE forum for all Lancia Delta Integrale related issues. It is a very lively forum which discusses all aspects of the most successful rally car of all time (Lancia won the World Rally Championship 6 times with this car), together with practical tips and problem solving information to help keep your piece of rally history in fine fettle, even to make it go a little (or a lot) faster if necessary. Other Lancia vehicles are also discussed. Why is it called 'Evocorner'...well... [+]
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  • SLC - Singapore Lancer Club

    Hosted by SgLancerClub

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    This is a forum for Lancer owners and car lovers in Singapore to discuss and talk about cars, ideas, modifications and anything concerning lancer. All are welcome and enjoy your stay here. - Established 27/2/02, forum founded by Terence aka EVOfusion. - Existing forum run by deadrat, vwcorrado, chuass, kenny_c, kenny_oc, pillow19, medium, nikecheng & obliviouz. 
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  • HAROC - HArrier & Rx Owners Club

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    This is a community of car owners exchanging information and ideas about the Toyota Harrier and the Lexus RX300 / RX330 common models. 
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  • The Paratransit Forum

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    Information and discussion about paratransit, the Americans With Disabilities Act, service quality, eligibility, fare and price, driver training and driver care, incidents and accidents related to paratransit. 
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  • Toyota SiG (Special Interest Group)

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    It's free...come and dicuss your cool stuff here! For all the toyota owners in Singapore, whether you are from PI or BM....... 
  • Cars of the past

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  • SG Opel Owners

    Hosted by Gene (EL69)

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    Welcome to Opel Owner Group of Singapore. 
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  • Demio Club Singapore (DCS)

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    The intent of the 'Demio Club Singapore' is to rally all Demio driver together so that we can discuss abt Demio related matters. Other car makes and models are also welcome to roam around the forum and provide valuable infomations. Disclaimer Please note that this forum will not be held responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages whatsoever arising from or related to the use of the information displayed in this forum. We also hope that you will abide... [+]
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    talk about nissan car... a place for nissan owner to chat and exchange information 
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  • Singapore Mitsubishi Club - SMC

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    A place for all Mitsubishi and other car lovers. Anything under the sun. By the far the most popular place in Delphi Forum. Come out, come out, wherever you are :P 
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