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  • Observant Judaism HQ

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    Your home for Jewish education and discussion. Judaism is not a religion, it is a covenant. A covenant is a contract, and God brought the full details of this covenant to His chosen Jewish Nation at Sinai, over 3,318 years ago. Observant Judaism HQ is where Jews of every level can learn, teach, and interact in the manner that God expects under the terms of the Jewish contract. Non-Jews are also welcome to join us. We also operate a second forum (Noachide HQ) dedicated to the issues of role of... [+]
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  • Christian AAA Bible Study Forum

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    Our Christian Site is open to everyone and all denominations and religions! We have many discussions concerning current issues, biblical understandings, Israel, politics, and many humorous articles. Please submit articles on any subject you wish. Welcome. 
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  • ~*~The Realm of Be*ing~*~

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    This is an enchanting place where you can Be* Who You Are -- Celebrate every aspect of your Spirit -- and dance together with kindred souls. All Spiritual paths and beliefs are welcome here. It is our belief that you do not have to be religious to be spiritual in nature -- that spirituality comes through connecting your self to the world, mentally, emotionally and physically. It is the essence of simply be*ing. You may find us chatting about subjects ranging from Shamanism to lightworking,... [+]
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  • Noachism HQ

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    What is your REAL relationship with God? He tells you, but very few people are listening. Genesis 9:9 - "I establish MY COVENANT with YOU, and with YOUR CHILDREN AFTER YOU!" That is YOU! Your relationship with God is that of a covenant,which means a CONTRACT. YOU have a contract DIRECTLY with GOD HIMSELF! It is VITAL to understand what this means, with its many details...the contractual small print. The Noachide HQ forum is where you can learn and discuss these life and death matters. 
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  • A Jewish Forum

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    A forum for people interested in Jewish people, Jewish culture, and Jewish religion. 
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  • Jewish Q&A/Beit HaMidrash

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    A friendly and informative place to ask questions and discuss issues pertinent to Jews and Jewish life. If you're looking for intelligent, thoughtful, and honest discussion, this is the forum for you. 
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  • Chevra Eliahu - Observant Judaism HQ

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    Your home for Jewish education, conversation, and chat. While we are a Jewish forum, God's Noachide laws are one of our central themes. The Noachide laws are God's laws for all humankind, Jew and non-Jew alike, and God requires everyone to know these laws and live by them. Jew and non-Jew both come into Chevra Eliahu to discuss and to learn, and to have a grand time in the process. You are all invited. Be our honored guests. 
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  • Judaism of the Mind

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    This forum is for those who want to delve into the true essence of what makes Judaism what it is and for that matter, what is it? Judaism for non-idiots? The historical, traditional, thinking man's Judaism. 
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