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  • Believer, Un-Believer, and Ex-Believers

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    This forum is for debating Non-belief and belief issues. Religious and Free Thinkers are welcome. Topics relating to religion and being without it are open to discussion. All people are welcome, all views are respected, and tolerance is something we try to uphold, even when differing in opinions. We have topics ranging from Politics, Tolerance, Education, Science, Creation vs Evolution, and much more. 
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  • ~*~The Realm of Be*ing~*~

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    This is an enchanting place where you can Be* Who You Are -- Celebrate every aspect of your Spirit -- and dance together with kindred souls. All Spiritual paths and beliefs are welcome here. It is our belief that you do not have to be religious to be spiritual in nature -- that spirituality comes through connecting your self to the world, mentally, emotionally and physically. It is the essence of simply be*ing. You may find us chatting about subjects ranging from Shamanism to lightworking,... [+]
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  • Full Circle: A Pagan Forum

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    Come and join us in Full Circle. It's a friendly place to discuss your ideas and feelings about Paganism, Spirituality, religions, witchcraft, Earth changes, psy abilities, health matters, crafts, and current events. Everyone welcome! 
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  • Blue Flame Cafe

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    Blue Flame is a Pagan forum. Interests include, but are not limited to, paganism, witchcraft, magick, religion, new age, ufos, current events, Earth changes, ... . All are welcome! 
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  • Noachism HQ

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    What is your REAL relationship with God? He tells you, but very few people are listening. Genesis 9:9 - "I establish MY COVENANT with YOU, and with YOUR CHILDREN AFTER YOU!" That is YOU! Your relationship with God is that of a covenant,which means a CONTRACT. YOU have a contract DIRECTLY with GOD HIMSELF! It is VITAL to understand what this means, with its many details...the contractual small print. The Noachide HQ forum is where you can learn and discuss these life and death matters. 
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  • A Rainbow of Spirituality

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    This is a sacred space for Pagans of All Paths. Please share what you can with the members. We have all been blessed in ways that we can share that will help someone.... Follow your intuition... Post what you are being led to post, either to active topics, or create your own discussion. Share your links in our links folder. For specfic requests, use any folder, or the one labeled Requests. Please make yourself at home, and relax knowing that you are in a "special and sacred" space... [+]
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  • Dappled Grove

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    Dappled Grove is a place to learn, grow, and share as part of the pagan community. Druids, Wiccans, Witches--all are welcome. 
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  • Women's Spirituality Forum

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    A page dedicated to the spirituality of women! Contemporary life and women's history! Exploration of our inner selves and of our past, of our present! Let us build our future together! 
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  • Sacred Grove

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    A forum for furthering research and discussion into the Celtic culture in general and Druidry in particular. Celtic Shamanism and Faery Magic are also topics. All Celtic faiths are welcome to participate in the message board and online chat. Blessed Be! 
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  • Christianity General

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    Basically this is About CG, the old great forum. Despite the title, you can discuss anything at all and moderation is so light it is, in practice, a free forum. Indeed, that's what we offer, it's our promise. You have freedom of speech, only constrained to that which would cause ToS to close us down. You will love this forum. Many already do. There is even a Flame Pit for very strong exchanges if debates become exceptionally contentious. The HELL Pit is by application only. There is... [+]
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