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  • Galaxies Astronomy Club

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    We keep our star talk down to earth! Galaxies Astronomy Club, founded in 1990, has a long history on Delphi Forums. GAC has been at the forefront of virtual astronomy as the very first virtual astronomy club on the internet. Beginning stargazers, professional astronomers, armchair astronauts, and the cosmologically curious are all invited to join us. 
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  • Stargazing Astronomy and more

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    The Forum is about naked eye backyard astronomy and events that happen during any given month. It's not just intended for the beginner but also for someone who might miss a rare celestial event like the two degree close conjunction between the crescent Moon, Jupiter and Venus on Dec 1, 2008 that hasn't occurred since 1993 and if you missed it this close triangular encounter won’t be seen again until the year 2052. Or like last years Oct thru Dec brightening of Comet Holmes that... [+]
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  • The Good Old Days in Astronomy

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    This Forum is dedicated to the Baby boomers for us to recall and share all the Good Old Days. We have a chance to share our stories with each other in subjects that we will never forget. 
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  • Astronomy & Physics Discussion

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    The Astronomy & Physics Discussion area is a place for casual discussion of most anything in astronomy and physics with an emphasis on theoretical and occasionally mathematical topics. 
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  • Aliens UFOs Free Videos

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    Aliens ufos free videos, free internet streaming real videos, ufo's astronomy audio files witnesses photos pictures message boards guestbooks alien news latest updates chat rooms free ufo video space information truth facts online 
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