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  • Pleasure Horse Journal Online Forum

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    Equestrian discussions, horses for sale, trainer input, breeder recommendations, Pleasure Horse Journal Online, AQHA, APHA, ApHC, Amateurs, professionals, Horses for Sale, Hot topics! Jump in! Take Chances! Have Fun! 
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  • The Legacy Racing Forum

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    Horse racing news, horse rescue, animal welfare 
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  • Horse Racing Forum

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    This is a place for friendly and civil discussion of horse racing of all types including handicapping. 
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  • Green Pastures

    ner (NER188)
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    ner (NER188)

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    A super special forum for super special horse lovers. 
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  • DreamHorse Message Forum

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    Welcome to the Message Forum, a Discussion Board for the Dream Horse Classifieds website. You can describe the horse of your dreams, post horse-related messages, and get to know other members of the DreamHorse community. 
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  • Reining Horse Forum

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    An online forum where anyone interested in reining horses can ask questions, answer questions and give advice and help each other. 
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  • anythingshowhorses

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    Free to all to pertaining to show horses. Buy, sell, Looking to Buy 
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  • School of Puntology

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    The first School of Puntology Invented many years ago by Bert Bogert of Puntersbankbook systems teaches Punters how to make a profit on punting without the use of formguides or any other previous data that the industry collects. As part of Cashmagic Australia, Punterbankbook systems has he best systems available suited for special situations like weekends or just one day of the week for those who are time poor, all systems have complete tuition(daily if you want) on skype, to make sure you... [+]
  • The Horse Forum Advice Column

    Hosted by horseforum

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    The Horse Forum Advice Column is a forum for all horse lovers of any breed. It provides you a chance to exchange questions, information, ideas with other horse lovers, ask and provide advice about horses to other equine enthusiasts. 
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  • America's Horses In Peril

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    We are dedicated to understanding all aspects of horse welfare and defending horses, Wild and Domestic, including the every day issues and care of horses. We oppose horse slaughter and the abuse of horses in every walk of life. We are dedicated to seeing that the American Wild Horses and Burros are kept free and protected on their designated lands given to them by Congress in 1971. All facts, resources and documentation can be found in our folders and are available for anyone to read and... [+]