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  • Guaifenesin Support

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    Guai Support is a forum where people with Fibromyalgia (fms/cfs) who are taking the Guaifenesin Treatment can meet to chat, share experiences and get support from others who care. 
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  • What A Pain!

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    A community where those dealing with Chronic Pain can feel free to come to laugh, to cry, to vent, to share with others who know what you are dealing with, who understand and who care. Feel free to drop in - you are always welcome, and the lights always on. 
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  • FIBROMATES Fibromyalgia/CFS/Pain Support

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    Supporting each other through tears and laughter, pain and freedom from that pain, good days and bad.....forever more Fibromates! Fibromyalgia robs us of our lives, it destroys our will to live, and controls every waking moment. The only way that we can survive such a life changing situation, is through the love and support of others who understand this ugly, devastating, debilitating, invisible disease. We are misunderstood by doctors, friends, and family because they cannot see our disease.... [+]
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