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  • Liver Failure Support Group

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    Cirrhosis Support Group. Our goal is to provide friendly support and reliable information to those dealing with advanced liver disease or liver transplant. It's a friendly group made up of patients and caregivers. Some are dealing with complications (ascites, varices, encephalopathy, etc.), some are waiting for liver transplant, some have already received their liver transplant. (We also have live chats every week on Wednesday evening.) 
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  • A Hep C Journey

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    We are a Hepatitis C friendly forum that offers fellowship, support and love to people that are dealing with the effects of this disease. 
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  • *A Hep C Odyssey*

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    The Odyssey is an open Hepatitic C forum offering Support, Friendship and Laughter. You will find a group of people who are helping each other through the Hepatitis C Journey. 
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