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  • The Irish Forum ( CS )

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    The Irish Forum welcomes one and all from around the world. We discuss,debate, and argue any point, not just news related to Ireland or Northern Ireland. We have active American and World politics folders, as well as other friendly topics. We also have a "Combat Folder" with adult talk and flaming. Admission is via your Host; just ask. Do not ask if you're afraid of contention! Thank you for visiting; pull up a chair and stay! 
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  • The Bus Forum

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    News about the bus industry,transit as well as intercity. Also history and triva of various bus manufacturers. 
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  • Voile et Pêche

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    This message board will allow you to be an extreme outdoor sports'nerd, as most of us are, but somehow we are also politically inclined, even though this forum was created for Sailing & Scuba-diving chat 
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  • The Virtual Traveler

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    Ours is a unique forum. There are been very few travel forums on Delphi. And this is the one that will get you the best travel tips, the most amazing sales (come back often as many sales expire quickly) and show you the world - places you have visited - places you want to visit - and places you'd never see if we didn't show you. This is where you plan your second honeymoon, or your first, and even that weekend trip. Travel the world with us. Enjoy the photography (videos and stills),... [+]
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  • Canada & Friends

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    A gathering place of Canadians and non-Canadians alike, where you might find folks discussing the meaning of life but you're just as likely to find them discussing beaver tails, curling or underwear! 
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  • Vailsburg Friends

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    Vailsburg alumni. Vailsburg friends. vailsburg2 
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  • TNT Recruiting Forum

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    This is the sister site of Travel Nurses and Therapists. Travelers can connect with recruiters, post their assignment needs or scan open positions. 
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  • Chelo's Georgian Forum

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    This forum is for Chelo's Place visitors hosted by David Chelidze. The place for Georgians abroad and home to meet each other, exchange ideas, and discuss the current issues related to Georgia. 
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  • Francophile Forum

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    Bienvenue. If you wish to join in discussions with folks who are passionate about France and all things French, be prepared to meet the liveliest, most committed group of francophiles on the Internet. 
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  • PSMCR Lot Owners Discussion Forum

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    Pacific Shores Motor Coach Resort Lot Owners can start discussions, exchange ideas, and in general just talk about the Management/Rental/Sales Business or Resort Owner's Association at Pacific Shores Motor Coach Resort in Newport, Oregon. 
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