How To: Attach Files to a Message

You can add attachments to message board messages just as you can with email. If you're sharing an image, you'll want to use the image insertion button on the editor toolbar). But for other types of files, you'll want to use the file attachment button. (Note that some hosts have disabled the attachment feature in their forums.)

Here's how it works:

1.) Start writing your message

Create your message as usual. You can add your attachment(s) at any point by clicking on the attachment button (arrow 1).

2.) Select your file

You'll be prompted to select a file to upload (this image represents the process on a Windows 7 computer, so what you see may vary). Select your file (arrow 2), then click the "Open" button or the equivalent on your device (arrow 3).

3.) Upload your attachment(s)

At first, you'll see a small round animation indicating your file is uploading, when the upload is complete, you'll see your file listed in a window above the editor toolbar.

If you'd like to upload additional attachments, simply repeat the process.

If you want to delete attachments, click on the pencil icon (arrow 4). A pop-in will show you the attachment(s) you uploaded. To remove an attachment, click on the "X" to the right of the file name, then click the "Ok" button.

If you're done with uploading attachments and your message is ready, click the "Post" (arrow 5) or "Preview" (arrow 6) button.

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