How To: Manage Message Board Signatures

If you're a DelphiPlus or DelphiExtra subscriber, you can create signatures that will be added to the bottom of your message board messages. There is no limit to the number of signatures you can create. One of your signatures is designated as your default signature, and is the one that will appear automatically when you post a message. But you always have the option to select a different signature for each message, or even edit a signature especially for a single message.

Here's how to view, edit, and save your signatures, and how to set your default signature:

1.) Launch the signature editor

Your signatures are managed from a single place: your signature editor. You can access your signature editor from your My Preferences page (arrow 1), the Account Controls panel that appears at the bottom of each message display page (arrow 2), or from the text editor toolbar that appears on the message composition page (arrow 3).

If you've disabled the text editor in your preferences, you won't see the message editor toolbar. But you can still launch the signature editor by clicking the "Options" button to expand additional controls under the message entry box, then clicking the "Change/Edit" button.

2.) Edit your signature or add a new one

Once you've got the editor open, you'll see your default signature (your default signature will be blank if you've never created a signature before).

If you'd like to edit a signature other than the default, click the signature selection drop-down (arrow 4) and make your selection. The signature you've selected will appear in the editor.

If you'd like to create a new signature, click on the plus button (arrow 5) and enter a name for your new signature in the pop-in form. Click the OK button to dismiss the pop-in form.

If you'd like to copy an existing signature, edit it, and save it as a new signature, click the signature selection drop-down (arrow 4), select the signature you want to copy, click on the plus button (arrow 5), and enter a name for your new signature in the pop-in form. Click the OK button to dismiss the pop-in form.

Once you see the desired signature (or blank space if you're creating a new one) in the signature editor, it's time to create or edit your signature. Enter the desired text, use the editor toolbar to format your text, and insert images (see the How To: Inserting Images).

When you're happy with your signature, click the "Save" button (arrow 6). If the signature is not your default and you'd like it to be, check the "Set as Default" (arrow 7) box before the "Save" button. (If you're editing your default signature, the "Set as Default" button will be disabled, as you must have a default signature.)

3.) Delete or re-name a signature

After you've created a few signatures, you may want to re-name or delete some. Use the drop-down menu (arrow 8) to select the signature you want to delete or re-name. Once the signature is loaded into the signature editor, click on the pencil icon (arrow 9). A pop-in form will appear. If you want to delete the signature, check the box next to "Delete this signature" (arrow 10). If you want to re-name your signature, edit the text in the form field as desired. When you're done, click the OK button(arrow 11).

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