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  • Travel Nurses & Therapists

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    This historic Delphi discussion forum was founded in 1999 - created for travelers by travelers. Ask or answer a question, research assignments and facilities, or simply socialize. Gateway to our sister site - TNT Recruiting - where you can find a great assignment. 
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  • Independent Nurses

    Hosted by NedRN

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    For those nurses and other health practitioners who are, or wish to be independent contractors. In effect, this involves setting up your own business. Help and advice on all issues this entails. Job postings and other resources. 
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  • TNT Recruiting Forum

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    This is the sister site of Travel Nurses and Therapists. Travelers can connect with recruiters, post their assignment needs or scan open positions. 
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  • Travel Nurse

    Hosted by pmnurse

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    About travel nurse companies. 
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  • Nurses on Wheels

    Hosted by tamshusband

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    Discussions on Nurses who live and work from there RV's or would like information on living fulltime in an RV. 
  • Operating Room Travelers

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    This is a forum for Operating Room Travelers to share experiences and discuss topics specific to working as a traveling healthcare proffessional in the operating room. 
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  • Travel Nursing Opinions and Fun

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    Travel Nurses to talk about travel nursing and have Fun 
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  • National Travel Nurse Association

    Hosted by jazzybird

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    This forum is being developed to determine if there is desire to form a National Travel Nurse Association. What benefits would you like provided? 
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  • Traveling LPN/LVNs helping each other

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    Traveling LPN/LVN's helping each other is a forum to provide assistance to those who are experienced in traveling, want to travel, thinking about traveling, want to obtain information, or who just wish to help others in a constructive, supportive environment. 
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  • travel nurse housing

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    lets face it- housing can make or break an assignment! why dont we share our experiences- good or bad. tips on where to look or maybe you even want to rent your "permanent residence" while you are away to another traveler. 
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