Chat Troubleshooting

If you're having problems using Delphi chat, the best thing to do is to consult the chat FAQs .

The best way to eliminate chat problems is to make sure you're using the most current version of your browser. Here are some links that will help you find the latest version of your browser of choice:

By updating your browser, you're making sure you have the latest version of Java, which is essential for Delphi chat.

If you've reviewed the FAQs, checked to make sure you have a modern browser installed, and are still having trouble getting into chat, please try the following steps:

  1. Clear out your temporary Internet files.

  2. Go to Tools > Internet Options > Advanced. Make sure you have all three of the Java boxes checked. (Called VM, or Virtual Machine.)

  3. If you have a firewall, make sure that port 23 is open.

  4. Make sure you don't have any pop up stoppers enabled.

  5. Upgrade your browser version.

  6. Upgrade Java directly from Sun.

Try entering a chat room after each of these steps.

Specific Chat Issues

AOL Browser
Try switching to IE or Netscape - minimize your AOL browser, open one of the others.

Unable to Enter Chat
Delete your temporary Internet files (cache), log out of Delphi, close your browser. Close all other applications, including ICQ, and other messenger programs. Re-enter Delphi, by typing Go directly to your forum's chat page, by entering (where xxx is replaced with the forum webtag) in your browser's URL window.

Character Limit
Current character limit is 400 characters . Messages will truncate after that. The optional welcome message currently has a 200 character limit.

Cut & Paste
Limited availability, with no hard returns allowed. Length limit of 400 characters.

Dynamic Rooms
The forum wizard, moderators, as well as the person who opened the room will have moderator controls.

If you're behind a firewall, you may have difficulty, as Java chat seems to be disallowed by some firewalls. If you can change your firewall settings, you will need to have Port 23 open.

Font Size
Fonts can be adjusted in Internet Explorer and in most other browsers for your computer, and now specifically for chat. If you've had to change your screen resolution to see the chat typing bar, and the font is now too small, try this:
In View -> Text Size
Check your Win98 settings, right-click Desktop, Properties, Settings, Advanced In General, Display, Font Size: a choice of small fonts, large fonts, other.

If you would like to change your font size for chat, go to any message on any Delphi message board, increase or decrease your font (text) size at the bottom of the thread (you must be in advanced view.) Your font size will be increased or decreased in all Delphi chat rooms, and on all boards, until you change it back.

Gray Screen
Make sure you're using the latest versions of your browser, and that you have all Java functions enabled. If you continue to have gray screen problems, please post your Java console information in Member Services (scroll down for instructions on capturing this information).

Java needs at least 16 meg of RAM to run, and the minimum IE version needed to run it is 4.01. Virtual Machine (VM) build should be 3802 or greater.
Download the most current version of Java.

Some Windows XP machines don't operate well with Sun's Java, and work better with the Microsoft version, available here.

Java console capture instructions
Here are the instructions for enabling, and capturing the Java console information:

Internet Explorer

  • In IE got to Tools->Internet Options->Advanced Tab
  • You should see a bunch of checkboxes under different headings.
  • Find the heading called VM or Java VM or Microsoft VM
  • Check the boxes for "Java Console Enabled" and "Java Logging Enabled"
  • Restart your browser and log back into Delphi.
  • In IE got to View->Java Console this should pop up a new window, called the Java console.
  • Go into Java chat and try to chat normally - this obviously won't work or you wouldn't be doing this.
  • When it's done not working, go to the Java console and copy the output and paste it in the chat folder in Member Services.


  • In Netscape go to Communicator->Tools->Java Console
  • A new window pops up. This is our Java console. Go into Java chat and try to chat normally - this obviously won't work or you wouldn't be doing this.
  • When it's done not working, go to the Java console and copy the output and paste it in the chat folder in Member Services.

The corollary to that for Mac versions of IE, is:
  • Preferences>WebBrowsers>Java
  • Check off "Enable Java", "Log Java Output", and "Log Java Exceptions".
  • Close Preferences and go to "View>Java Messages".

Java Problem Report Instructions
If you're getting a gray screen, remember to include your operating system, browser and version number, and if you're using a Mac, PC, AOL, or Compuserve. The more information they have to work with, the better. (see above for Java console capture information.)

If you're having problems logging chats, make sure your your room name, topic, or welcome message are free of odd characters, as they may prevent logging from starting. Avoid tildes (~), smiley faces, and exclamation points.

Check to see what JavaVM (known as the Apple MRJ) you have installed. The current release from Apple is 2.2.5 and is available online for update. MRJ 2.2.5 is an upgrade to MRJ 2.2.4 which addresses several problems affecting JAR caching, network behavior and users of 2-byte international systems. To download:
2) (select) Support
3) (select) Downloads
4) (search for) Java
5) (select) Mac OS Runtime for Java MRJ 2.2.5
6) download

Internet Explorer 5.5 may work better than Netscape, make sure you have the most recent Mac OS RunTime for Java libraries. Go to your System Folder, open the Application Support folder, then the MRJ cache folder. Put everything in that folder in the trash, and empty it.

Miniature Chat Window
Mac users who have a miniature chat window, may need to upgrade their browser, and their Java version.

Moderator Controls
Make sure the membername you're using has them.
"Access denied" message - your chat "key" is out of whack. Close chat, log out of Delphi, close your browser, and re-enter to reset the "key."

The server will rename you if someone else is already on the server with the same name. You might end up as Sam_2 if Sam is already signed in. Nicknames can only start with numbers or letters, and contain - or _, no other characters.

Phantom Posters
Use the text command /gag (membername) if you experience a phantom poster sending PM's after they've been booted from the room. Use the membername you booted, not the name the PM's appear to be coming from.

Simultaneous Entry
May cause messages, or private messages, to appear to come from yourself. If this happens, Exit the chat room, and re-enter to correct.

Typing Bar
Some folks cannot see the typing bar. To resolve this, try the following:

  • Change your screen resolution to 800 x 600
    If you are using Windows 98, you should be able to right-click on your desktop and select properties. In properties, select Settings. Move the slide bar so your resolution is 800x600.
  • Drag the top of your chat screen up by clicking and dragging.
  • Resize the chat window, if you're using an MSN Explorer browser. (Some AOL browser versions will allow you to do this also.)
  • Move your task bar to the side of your screen, by clicking and dragging.

Threshold Exceeded
Generally, if an individual receives that message, it's because they've lost their Internet connection, or the connection to the Delphi chat server has been interrupted. If everyone in the room receives the message, it generally indicates that the chat server has crashed, and everyone's booted. If the software has crashed, give it 5 minutes to reboot, and try re-entering the room.

Virtual Machine (VM)
This is the Microsoft name for Java. The build that works best with Delphi chat is 3802 or higher.

Windows XP
If you're using Windows XP, and Internet Explorer, there's a good chance you'll need to download Java separately. See the Java section, above, for links to Sun.