Compatibility View Help

About Compatibility View

Compatibility View (sometimes called "Compatibility Mode") is a feature of Internet Explorer that allows the browser to emulate an older version of Internet Explorer if the features of a website are incompatible with the latest browser version.

Compatibility View and Delphi Forums

We've found that Internet Explorer 11 users viewing Delphi Forums in Compatibility View are often unable to use the modern features of our site, because the browser "disguises" itself as a older browser that doesn't support them.

Checking Your Browser

If you're an Internet Explorer 11 user and you've experienced problems using various features of Delphi Forums, your Compatibility View setting for may be the issue. Here's how you can check to see if Internet Explorer 11 is viewing Delphi Forums in Compatibility View.

Click on the gear icon you see at the upper right.

From the drop-down, select "Compatibility View Settings."

If you see on the list of Compatibility View sites, click on it, click "Remove," and then click "Close."