Gift Subscriptions

Show a Delphi Forums friend you care with the gift of
DelphiPlus or DelphiExtra

DelphiPlus and Delphi Extra subscribers know that their subscription helps them get the most out of Delphi Forums. Now, you can give that same great Delphi experience to your forum friends with a gift subscription.

  • Give DelphiPlus or DelphiExtra to the member of your choice
  • If a member is already subscriber, you can extend their subscription
  • You can include a personal greeting with the notification we send to the recipient
  • If you wish, give the gift anonymously

Giving a gift subscription is as easy as 1-2-3!

3 Steps

Giving DelphiPlus

When you give a DelphiPlus membership, you're giving access to the most advanced hosting and participation features Delphi Forums has to offer, and it's all ad-free. Your gift of DelphiPlus includes a supercharged member profile, loads of room to store files on the Web, a custom email address, the ability to search through decades of forums messages, and unlimited forums with chat rooms and enhanced forum interface controls.

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Giving DelphiExtra

Your gift of Delphi Extra provides all of the tools a power user needs to get the most out of Delphi Forums. DelphiExtra includes an ad-free forum experience, spell-checking, deep message search, a message board signature, and more.

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How It Works

You can purchase gift subscriptions for any member with your credit card or PayPal account. If a member is an existing subscriber, your gift must be an upgrade and/or an extension of an existing subscription. For example, an existing DelphiPlus subscriber could not receive a gift of DelphiExtra. But non-subscribers and DelphiExtra subscribers can receive gifts of DelphiExtra or DelphiPlus. If you give a gift subscription to a member already on that subscription plan, the recipient's subscription will be extended by the length of your gift. If a DelphiExtra member receives a gift of DelphiPlus, that person will immediately be upgraded to DelphiPlus for the duration of your gift and the value of their unused DelphiExtra subscription. Due to technical limitations, existing subscribers who pay using PayPal cannot receive gift subscriptions until their current subscription expires.