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  • Unknown Lands (FFRPG)

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    Gay vampires, bipolar balrogs and a talking rat. In the Unknown Lands you’ll encounter creatures from every walk of life and beyond. Here everything and everyone is possible, and only your imagination is the limit. Come experience the magic. You’ll be surprised by what you see. *~*~*~*~* The Unknown Lands is an Advanced FreeForm RolePlay forum. Both experienced and inexperienced writers are welcomed to join this diverse land that is ever growing through the efforts of all its talented members. 
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  • Aylic Dashar Island Kingdom (RPG)

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    HEAR YE, HEAR YE! In honor of His Majesty King Aylic and Her Royal Highness Queen Dashar, ye hath been invited to partake in the bawdy merriment brought on by strong drink. Leave the children and your shyness at home and revel in the night time fun. 
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  • RPG Talminess

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    A unique fantasy role playing experience. Everyone is welcome to join and share their creative writing abilities. Create theives and assassins, mages and bards, dragons and unicorns, warriors and elves... Almost anything your mind can conjure... 
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  • PernRPG

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    Anne McCaffrey's world of Dragons is the setting for this virtual role playing world. Come visit where Dragons Live! 
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  • Peryton Gamers

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    This is an open club for gamers to get together to chatter about tabletop role-playing games and plan convention events. <a href=""></a> 
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  • Kingdom of Berbusk (RPG)

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    Set in the 1344 A.D., The Kingdom of Berbusk is alive with Medieval Kings and Queens, Elves and Fairies, Clerics and Paladins, and many otherworldly creatures. If you can create it in your mind, it exists here. Join Her Majesty's Imperial Guard, audition for the next theatrical production, shop the townsquare, or simply celebrate life at the Tavern & Inn. All levels of RPG are welcome within. Please read the start page for more background, How To Get Started in KOB on the message... [+]
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  • Coldspire Weyr—Adv. Pern RPG

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    The world is Pern; the time, the Tenth Pass. At the height of the Pass, a new Weyr has risen in the Western Ring; frozen Coldspire Weyr, at the top of one of Pern's highest volcanoes. It is said that only the mad would live here—but live here, Dragonriders must, to protect the people of the Islands... descendants of murderers, outlaws and thieves. Can Coldspire Weyr and Black Delta Hold prosper, despite their troubled origins? 
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  • The Lords of Chaos ( Overgrown Ruins )

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    A Century has passed and The Starswords are lost from the world of man. Only Lord Chaos himself has had access to the mortal realm and with a free hand for more than 100 years the world is a much darker place. This Forum is seen as an AD&D- free form Based Forum, but open-minded newcomers to both Roleplay and the D&D genre are certainly Welcome. 
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  • Dancing Shadows (Freeform Roleplaying)

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    Free Form Roleplaying setting. Please check the rules before playing. 
  • The World of Iolar

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    Iolar is a fantasy RPG that features high-flying Firebirds & their riders or Gryphons and their tenders. Check it out and see what else we have! 
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