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    Hep C Out Of Bounds This is our 18th year of hep c support Thank God we made it this far. We are still here to help you, if you need us. Our Loyal Coreen Kerr has been here every single day since 2004, she's still posting daily quotes, she is our "Rock" We know how it feels to be stigmatized for having hep c, we know how it feels to lose family members and friends, we rely on each other in this world today, it is a priceless gift we would love to meet you. Please be aware of... [+]
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    We are committed to providing up-to-date information regarding all aspects of Hepatitis C. Our goal is to help you and your loved ones become better equipped to handle this disease through knowledge and understanding. We welcome you to come make new friends, to receive support from our message boards and to post your own thoughts and feelings along with any questions or concerns you may have. Please join us in chat seven days a week. Let's support one another through these trying times.... [+]
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  • Living With Hep C

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    Our goal is to provide a safe environment where people whose lives have been affected by Hepatitis C can come together and talk about the different issues that are involved in living with this disease. Sharing your thoughts and ideas with others who have had similar experiences helps you learn that you are not alone. There is hope because having Hepatitis C is not a death sentence – please join us in Living with Hep C! 
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    HIV cannot be the cause of AIDS. Why would a virus infect 1% of the US population and 30% of some African countries? Why would a virus cause different symptoms depending on your age, gender, sexual orientation and geographic location? Are these bugs that smart; like smart bombs? I thought 'AIDS' didn't discriminate? Why hasn't 20 years worth of research and billions of dollars spent created a vaccine or safe and effective treatment? And why do the medical and scientific... [+]
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  • Affordable Hepatitis C Medications

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    An OPEN and UNCENSORED forum for the discussion of affordable generic Hepatitis C treatment, strategies for insurance approval, clinical trials and the latest treatments in the HCV pipeline. This forum supports access for all to the latest DAA medications. REDEMPTION clinical trials results have shown a 95% SVR rate using generic medications. Importation of a 90 day supply of generic medication is legal. Here you can find contact information for reliable, vetted suppliers of high quality... [+]
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  • *Seekers Hepatitis C Support*

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    Welcome to Seeker's, we are the oldest Hepatitis C site on Delphi. We opened our doors in 1998. If you are looking for answers, we can teach you about the disease, where to get help, and the programs that are availible, including free medicines and trials. We have a messsage board full of the most current information about Hepatitis C. This room is guided by compassionate individuals that have been where you are going. The have researched and educated themselves to serve you. We also have... [+]
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  • Hepatitis C Forum of Hope

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    Have you just been diagnosed Hepatitis C, and you feel alone and scared, well your not at Hepaititis C Forum of Hope. We all will help you through your journey. We offer the latest HCV information on treatments, tips for treatment, HCV Nutrition and most importantly support and friendship. We have the largest selection of Virus Free stories on our webpage. Our webpage is a must see, read the latest Hepatitis C information, HCV poems, HCV & Nutrition and our very own Meditation Room. If... [+]
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  • HepHive UK Support

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    A UK support and information forum for those Co-infected, infected and affected by HIV, Hep C, & Hep B 
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  • Hepatitis C Survivors

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    Hep C Vets is a bulletin board for discussion on VA issues, Hepatitis C, and wonderful 1 on 1 support. Our forum had been online here since 1998. Please, feel free to join us at any time. Feel free to post a note on the bb, to request a chat. 
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  • CaringCorner ~ Life & Health Issues~

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    CARINGCORNER a place to come & share & care about others. Join us in a relaxing setting. Share your journey and come to care about others. 
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