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  • Legwear as a Unisex Fashion

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    Legwear as a Unisex Fashion 
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    all i know about this forum is it's mine (WHOOPEE!!) and i intend it to be a casual online gathering of people and ideas. i am anti-censorship (i figure if you can put up with MY ideas, i should reciprocate). 
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  • Don Quixote's Village

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    concise statement of a phenomenology expressing a general truth or wise observation often in a clever way 
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  • Tights and Pantyhose for Men and Boys

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    A site for all men and boys who enjoy wearing tights or pantyhose for whatever reason. On this Forum you can communicate (anonymously, if you chose) with other people of a like mind. You can share experiences, difficulties and worries with us. On this site we promote men and boys wearing tights/pantyhose (with or without skirts). 
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  • Poetry Playpen

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    Mind boggling issues that usually gets into uttering editorial and poetry, right out of my book and poetry club 
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  • Bubbles&Boo

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    A safe and friendly place to gather to talk about our lives and our makeup. 
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  • Sunny Side of the Moon

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    Is the moon ciphering as a circumambulating aphrodisiac ministry subsidized to spur the world into over-population? 
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  • BiFem Escape

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    BFE is THE BEST chatroom for Bi/Lesbian women and friends both male and female-indeed from any point on the spectrum of gender. ALL are welcome here! 
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  • Meme's Melange

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    Memes Melange is a mixture a medley of subjects. 
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  • An Island Oasis

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    Island Oasis is a place for friends to share ideas, opinions, joys and sorrows. In a relaxing Island setting, we welcome you and invite you to share in our daily chats and to use and enjoy our message board. Share your favorite photos too, or let us fix you an Island tropical drink. Flip flops are optional. 
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