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  • Sinful Pleasures

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    This is a place strictly for adults for Laughter,flirting, sexy and great chat . That is what we are all about here.We welcome everyone and have a open chat menu for everybody to enjoy chat the right way! 18 plus to chat and have fun 
  • Simply Irresistible

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    We are Simply Irresistible and will always be! An adult oriented forum to come chat and relax in. Hangout with us, have some fun, and always remember to enjoy and explore the Simply Irresistible things! 
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  • - Amongst Friends -

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    This is a meeting place to chat amongst friends & a great place to meet new ones.. a very casual atmosphere & some flirting too ;) Be sure to join us! We look forward to meeting you.... 
  • Lesbian Sanctuary

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    A community of bold, vibrant, passionate lesbians. Join us for fun, support and general silliness. Come discuss issues that are important to you. 
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  • Ultima Thule

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    A beautiful yet haunting place where we laugh, love, flirt, joke, cry and sometimes even argue. Ultima Thule is ruled by our mysterious SnowQueen and contains secrets of unimaginable value. Come express the inner you, be you Lord, Lady, Dragon, Faerie or even the occasional Wombat! 
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  • Married But Likes To Flirt (Classic)

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    A forum designed for all to relax, socialize, chat with old friends and meet new friends through posting on our message boards and joining in our chat room conversations. 
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  • Forbidden Flirtations

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    Come and share some good fun, laughter, playing games, flirting and above all friendship. We will see you soon. 
  • Trouble's Town

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    HI!! Come on in!! Lets talk about life.. or what ever troubles ya... 
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  • Washed Ashore On Living Island (Classic)

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    Welcome to Living Island - a world where things real and unreal meet. Join us for a large dose of fun and fantasy as we make friends and try to escape from Witchypoo. 
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