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  • Omnisciencia

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    Omnisciencia is a forum dedicated to fathoming truths to expand the capacity of the human mind beyond the man-made limitations of previous understandings. To many in the present it may appear to skirt the parameters of science fiction. The vanguards among the human race will always seek to expand the knowledge of the previous status quo. 
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  • Philosophy of Consciousness

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    Psychology at the root of the word is the study of the psyche or spirit and in this meaning the core of this forum is to examine the deeper, more subtle foundations of not only who we are as human beings but the universal context in which we exist. This core is the place where ideation, experience, science and faith intersect, like dancers who at one moment appear intimately linked and in the next completely separate, bound only by the music itself. This forum is a place to share what we have... [+]
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  • The Savant Society

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    The Savant Society is an intellectual fellowship of people who have one thing in common: The Thirst for Knowledge. . . We focus on the desire to learn and the willingness to remain teachable. Stop by and help figure out what this really means! Personal attacks not allowed - focus on the argument, not the person. Keep it civil - keep it intelligent! 
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  • Open Minds Forum

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    A FORUM for the serious exploration of UFO's, Unexplained Phenomena, Witnesses, Contactees, Abductees, NASA and Space Information, Whistleblower Information, Alien and Crop Circle Information, Conspiracies, Area 51 & Other Facilities, Weaponry, Secret Societies, Military & Gov. Projects, Human History, Scientific issues, Environmental Essues, Political Information , and Economics, For all serious and open-minded individuals with an interest in sharing your experiences and hearing... [+]
  • Coast to Coast AM Forum

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    The Universe is full of debated, questioned, and unsolved scientific and philosophical mysteries: time travel, space, aliens, exploration, Bigfoot, Earth changes, 2012, psychic phenomenon, predictions, AI, consciousness, ghosts, EVP, UFOs, climate change, witchcraft, end times, and more. Rarely is anything too unusual or open minded. Stop by to discuss Coast to Coast AM radio show topics, events, guests, or whatever! 
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  • Truthseekers

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    This Forum is about seeking the truth by using the scientific method, evidence and logic. We cast aside all prejudices and preconceptions. 
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  • Biopsychology

    Hosted by Eynsteyn

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    This forum is about the genetic influences on behavior and why people are so irrational. 
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  • Deep Nature

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    Deep Nature is a forum for the celebration of science and scientific ideas. We are open to all kinds of science--mainstream science, fringe science, rebel science, social science, spiritual science. This is the place for intellectual fellowship, scientific education and spirited debates. We put a premium on the diversity of ideas, fairness, mutual respect, civility, reason and curiosity. When you come, we ask that you bring both your passion and your consideration for others. Our goal is to... [+]
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  • S.A.K.E.

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    Welcome to SAKE: We are the Society for the Advancement of Knowledge & Education. 
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