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  • Horse Racing Forum

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    This is a place for friendly and civil discussion of horse racing of all types including handicapping. 
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  • The Legacy Racing Forum

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    Horse racing news, horse rescue, animal welfare 
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  • Pleasure Horse Journal Online Forum

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    Equestrian discussions, horses for sale, trainer input, breeder recommendations, Pleasure Horse Journal Online, AQHA, APHA, ApHC, Amateurs, professionals, Horses for Sale, Hot topics! Jump in! Take Chances! Have Fun! 
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  • Gypsy Horse World

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    This forum is designed for past, present & future owners and lovers of the Gypsy Horse! This Horse is known by many names (Gypsy Vanner, Cob/ Irish Cob/ Tinker), But nothing changes when you feel the passion and love for one of these horses! It is a Common love shared by anyone who may have had, currently has or plans on owning a Gypsy Horse! Come and share your Excitement, Joys & Experiences with us! Show us your photos & share memories of one of the most beautiful horse breeds... [+]
  • Green Pastures

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    ner (NER188)

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    A super special forum for super special horse lovers. 
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  • Professional Handicapping

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    A Forum for discussing professional horse racing and greyhound handicapping, casino games, and all aspects of parimutual wagering. 
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  • Let's Rodeo!

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    LETS RODEO! Come and chat with us about Rodeo, Horses & Country Living! 
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  • Quarter Horse Forum

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  • anythingshowhorses

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    Free to all to pertaining to show horses. Buy, sell, Looking to Buy 
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