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  • AS & Relationships That Work Differently

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    This is a forum for partners of those who have Asperger's Syndrome and who are looking for ways to cope and overcome the difficulties that as brings. This forum is for for people who are actively trying to improve their relationship, not just survive it. 
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  • *Hearts That Hear* Health Support

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    *Hearts That Hear* is a very supportive and motivational forum. Our mission is to provide healthy, positive *peer support* for people who are dealing with Physical or Mental Health issues, those with Physical Disabilities, and more! *All* health diagnoses/issues, both mental and physical are welcome, as are the families or friends in need of support, information or simply a deeper insight into the person they care about. The forum's *Main* chat room is open daily at 7:00 pm EST, including... [+]
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  • AS And Their Partners

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    Our goal is to deal with the things that make our relationships difficult, celebrate those things that make our relationships great, and to see what we can do to overcome differences. 
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  • Asperger and Autistic Adults

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    This forum is for autistic and asperger adults. Here, we can speak of issues we meet as adults. We cover relationship issues, dating, workplace issues, living independently with an autism spectrum difference, parenting, social issues, and mental health issues. This forum is open only to those on the autism spectrum. It is a safe place for people who have Asperger's, Autism, HFA, PDD, or any other autism spectrum diagnosis. Sara 
  • Survivors United

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    This forum is for survivors to get support, develop friendships, and just hang out together. Survivors of sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, SRA and MC are all welcome here. We are not trained therapists or professionals, just people who listen and care. Please be respectful of each other. We have all been through enough abuse. 
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