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  • Opinion Polls: Delphi's Polling Place

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    Opinion polls on all subjects. Opinions? Heck yes, we have opinions - but we're *always* nice about it, even when ours are diametrically opposed to yours. Register your vote today! 
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  • Coffee Shop Gossip

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    A place where friendly people, who love to sit around the coffee table, can come to discuss news, events, lifestyles, relationships, recipes and more. Come join us, and share your thoughts. 
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  • *Wisteria Lane*

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    We have a family room to talk about your family and pets, a news and entertainment center to discuss celebrities and current events, a bargain basement filled with coupons, freebies, and special values, plus a makeup/spa/scent room where you can discuss the latest beauty trends. Stop in the kitchen for some great recipes, and be sure to check out our library for lots of free books! There are more places to visit, so pull up a chair and stay a while. We love company! 
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  • Barbara Bixby Addicts

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    A site for those who love Barbara Bixby Jewelry. Come join us as we discuss the designs, the artistry, the beauty and the detail of pieces created by this talented designer, and have some fun while doing it. No promises are made, however, that you won't be tempted to buy more pieces once you see the creativity of some of our members! 
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  • Bare Escentuals Addicts

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    You've heard about the Addicts on QVC, now come see the BE Addicts Forum -- #1 in the hearts and minds of Bare Escentuals Addicts everywhere, an oasis of helpful information and good clean fun in a real girly-girl atmosphere. Debuted in March 2000 and consistently ranked one of Delphi's top forums in all categories. Come join the fun, but beware . . . we'll NEVER tell you that you don't need more makeup! We enable your mineral addiction at every opportunity. 
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  • Fortuna's Favor

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    ...when you have once put your neck beneath the yoke of Fortune, you must with steadfast heart bear whatever comes to pass within her realm. But if you would dictate the law by which she whom you have freely chosen to be your mistress must stay or go, surely you will be acting without justification; and your very impatience will make more bitter a lot which you cannot change. If you set your sails before the wind, will you not move forward whither the wind drives you, not whither your will... [+]
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  • Real Men Wear Speedos

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    This is for guys who like wearing speedos (for recreation or sport). Feel free to talk about anything having to do with men's swimwear. You may post advice, opinions, stories, links, whatever. Note: this is not specifically, a gay site, and is open to e 
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  • Tights Club

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    A meeting place for all tights enthusiasts, young and old, male and female. Also for anyone with questions about buying and wearing any kind of tights. 
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  • Nail Art

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    Do you enjoy nail art? Photos, videos and tips on creating beautiful (and off-beat) nail art. Think of them as 10 blank canvases! 
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  • Jewish Cuisine

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    Learn about Jewish cooking styles and techniques, from the Ashkenaz kreplach and knishes... to the myriad of wonderful Sephardi cuisines. 
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