How To: Insert an Image

The text editor used to post message board messages makes it a snap to add images. Just put your cursor where you want the image to appear, click the button, select your photo, and let us do the rest. The editor will resize the image if it's too large and upload it directly into your message. (If you're a DelphiPlus or DelphiExtra subscriber, you use the same process to insert an image into a message board signature.)

Here's how it works:

1.) Start writing your message

Create your message (or signature) as usual. Enter your text up until the point where you want your image to appear. (If you want to enter your text first, then insert the image, simply place the cursor where you want the image to appear.)

2.) Launch the image chooser

Click on the image button in the text editor toolbar (arrow 1). If you want to upload an image on your computer (or other device), select the "From my computer" option. If you want to include an image on the Web that you have the URL for, select "From the web."

3.) Insert your image

If you selected the "From my computer" option, you'll be prompted to select the image that you want to upload (this image represents the process on a Windows 7 computer, so what you see may vary). Select your image (arrow 2), then click the "Open" button or the equivalent on your device (arrow 3). If you selected the "From the web" option, you'll be prompted to enter the URL of your image.

4.) Submit

You'll now see your image in your message (or signature). If you uploaded a large image, it will be resized automatically.* You may see the image go from large to small as it uploads and is processed. Images from the Web are not resized. In either case, some browsers support photo resizing inside the editor. If you use such a browser and click on your image, you'll see small squares along the edges that you can drag to resize the photo.

When your message (or signature) is complete, click the "Post" (or "Save") button.

*Uploaded images are resized when they exceed size limits. Those limits are 400x300 pixels for DelphiBasic members and 800x600 pixels for DelphiPlus and DelphiExtra members. All members can upload unlimited images into messages within those size guidelines. DelphiPlus and DelphiExtra members also use the text editor image upload feature when creating and editing mesage board signatures. The number of images inserted in those signatures will only be limited by the member's total file store allotment (100mb for DelphiPlus members, 50mb for DelphiExtra members). Images larger than 800x600 pixels that are inserted into signatures will be resized.

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